The Blood of Christ. Thu, Nov 08, by Harold B Sightler. Series: Pulpit Hour. Dr. Harold B. Sightler. Share. Audio:listendownload · CAN GOD, GOD CAN. Mrs. Harold B. Sightler, the “First Lady” of Tabernacle Baptist Church and the wife of the Prince of Preachers in the Southland, died early Thursday morning, Oct. NAME, SPEAKER, MESSAGE TITLE. The Marvelous Grace of God · Dr Harold Sightler, The Marvelous Grace of God. Handfuls On Purpose · Dr Harold Sightler .

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The Zeal Of The Lord.

The mighty preacher and man of God, Harold Sightler, lost his 9-year-old little girl when a drunk driver in Greensboro, NC drove off the road and ran harlod his daughter, killing her. But We See Jesus. My uncle Carey told me that he went with my Dad to Dalton, Georgia in to buy sightleer gospel tent. He wore a vest with a railroad watch and chain. At that time the Broadman was available in shape note form, and naturally that was what we had hrold Pelham. The Burns Trio first sang at Tabernacle in latein the chapel, with C.

Gospel music came first. Caldwell who was then pastor of Laurel Creek Baptist Church. Both Oliver and my Dad had learned something of pre-millennialism before entering college.

Commentary On James Part 2. He truly was willing to preach anywhere sightlrr undertook the risk and financial strain of his own radio broadcast, the Bright Spot Hour, in Lee preach and regularly listened to Charles E.


Sightler Publications

I remember sitting in church at Mauldin and looking out the open windows at farm fields nearby and at mules and wagons tied to trees in the churchyard.

Because of challenges at that time within the church and school to the authority and accuracy of the King James Bible it became necessary to begin to teach the history of the transmission of the received text and the superiority of the received text and the King James Bible also beginning in in Biblical Introduction. Bill Norman told me that Oliver’s teachers at North Greenville told Oliver in private conversation that being filled with the Spirit was not possible.

Norman, who gave me some interesting background to his Dad’s ministry and his influence on Oliver Greene and my Dad.

Harold B. Sightler – Wikipedia

Some time between and my Dad persuaded the Benson Music Company in Nashville to make a special printing of the All-American Hymnal with the name changed to Hymns of the Tabernacle.

This was combined with the book Baptists in History by W. Can God – LP. Horace and Lloyd Jones also sang as a trio with Sighgler Garrett. I do not know.

Lucille played the piano, but only from books written in shaped notes. Bill Norman said that his Dad also owned a similar PA system and it is at least possible that my Dad bought his from C. The contractor who built it was Ollie Neal who lived on Beechwood Ave. His expenses had to be paid by the State Convention and by Furman. One was Anthony Zeoli. My Dad taught Hermeneutics but no history. But most garold the charter members of Tabernacle were millworkers from Greenville who had been coming to Pelham for zightler time before the church was organized.


He bought surplus seat ends from Oliver Greene, tent stakes from junkyard Model A rear axles, and was allowed by Thomas and Howard to keep the boards used to brace canned goods in railroad boxcars for use as tent seats. Commentary On Hebrews 9: Holy Spirit – After Rapture.

The Judgment Seat of Christ. I’ll never forget something he said to me as I sjghtler up into the pulpit, and he came down and passed me and in my ear, where nobody could hear, he said, ‘Don’t forget, Brother Ruckman, no pew can get any higher than the pulpit.

I can also remember my Dad and mother attending home Bible study meetings under “uncle” Charlie Mount who lived just off East North street in the Overbrook community, sometime between and Benjamin Ross was Jewish, had been saved for many years, and was a preacher who often traveled with my Dad to his revivals.

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