THEODORA. By George Frideric Handel. libretto by Thomas Morrell. Theodora was first performed 16 March at Covent Garden Theatre. In English with. THEODORA (HWV 68) Libretto: Thomas Morell, after Robert Boyle, “The Matyrdom of Theodora and Didymus” First performance: 16th March Theodora (HWV 68) is a dramatic oratorio in three acts by George Frideric Handel, set to an English libretto by Thomas Morell. The oratorio.

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Water Music Music for the Royal Fireworks. The composer himself ranked the final chorus of Throdora II, “He saw the lovely youth,” “far beyond” “Hallelujah” in Messiah.

Recitative Didymus, Valens “Vouchsafe, dread sir” 6. Theodora would much have preferred to die, but is led away to the temple. When asked if he regarded the Hallelujah Chorus of Messiah as his masterpiece, he replied according to the letter of Morell mentioned above: Theodora was a failure with the public and only played three times.

She wakes with a start fearing the worse, but Didymus reveals his identity and calms her. Theodora was actually Handel’s favorite of his oratorios. Handel was still showing remarkable creative abilitites when he completed Theodora in his 65th year.

Air Irene “Defend her, Heav’n!

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Appointed Kapellmeister to the Elector of Hanover, the future George I of England, he visited London, where he composed the first London Italian opera, Rinaldo, in and settled two years later. If you find the hxndel content factually incorrect or highly offensive you can edit this article at Wikipedia.


Thomas Morell, after Robert Boyle, Handel was also concerned about the audience the Christian story with a tragic ending could attract. The Christians celebrate her safe return, though Theodora herself is concerned for the safety of Didymus. As a result of the famed Glyndebourne production “As with rosy steps the dawn advances” has also become very famous. A week before the first performance on 16th March London experienced an unprecendented earthquake.

He died in London in and was buried in Westminster Abbey in the presence of some 3, mourners.

It was unusual for Handel to include a castrato voice in hxndel English oratorios, but Guadagni had already appeared with great success in performances of Messiah and Samson, for which Handel had adapted the roles originally sung by Susannah Cibber. When told that one of his supporters wanted to buy all the boxes for a particular performance, Handel was heard to comment: The omens for Theodora were not good.

Both Hteodora and Theodora argue that they should die in place of the other. Bennett] Click here for the complete libretto. Recitative Theodora “O thou bright sun! Despite his hwndel for the work, Handel never revived Theodora.


Find out more about our use of this data. Some years after Handel’s death, Morell remembered working with him on a number of oratorios.

Handel’s Theodora — PINCHGUT OPERA

Eighty years after the event a witness decribed what had occured: Robert Boyle —91now tjeodora remembered for his pioneer work in physics and chemistry. In the Christian community, Theodora and Irene are praying.

Valens sends Septimius to Theodora with an offer of clemency if she makes a sacrifice before sunset. Views Read Edit View history.

Theodora” to My Music Add “Handel: Chorus of Christians, Chorus of Heathens [4]. Music composed by Ambroise Thomas. Air Septimius “Though the honours” Theodora was first performed 16 March at Covent Garden Theatre.

One of Handel’s most loyal and enthusiastic supporters, Mary Delanywrote to her sister Ann saying “Don’t you remember our snug enjoyment of “Theodora? Air Theodora “The pilgrim’s home” Recitative Messenger,Irene “Fly, fly, my brethren” The latter detail is adopted by Boyle but is not in the earlier versions of the story.

Those who refuse to participate will be punished or executed.

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