Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the.

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It has also been stated that use of force was undoubtedly inherent in the military action rehan to 41 restore the authority of the Federal Government.

We also find that even if the extra battalions had been sent the position would not have materially improved as there was no clear plan for their deployment. A new aggravating factor made its appearance in East Repkrt in the wake of the military action of the 25th of Marchwhen units of the Pakistan Army undertook “sweep operations” throughout the Province to deal with the Awami League insurgents. Mujibur Rahman on the one hand and political leaders from West Pakistan on the other.

Cases Requiring Departmental Action 1 Brig.

The Commission feels that the Army authorities must conduct a thorough inquiry into these matters so as to elicit the truth and fix responsibility. We are of the view that he did not display qualities of courage, leadership and determination. The Commission examined nearly witnesses in total, hundreds of classified documents and military signals between East and West Pakistan. Retrieved 25 August Farman Ali has stated that he did not give any importance to this note and it must have fallen into the hands of his Bengali Personal Assistant, when the diary for the year was replaced at the close of that year.

Farman Ali has gone to the extent of stating that “Gen Niazi was annoyed with me because I had not helped him in Pan business.


Catalog Record: The report of the Hamoodur Rehman Commission | Hathi Trust Digital Library

However, rehan a later stage the Eastern Command and the divisional Commanders issued strict instructions in an effort to stop such practices, and some Commanders caused searches to be carried out of the barracks occupied by the troops for the recovery of looted material which included television sets, refrigerators, typewriters, watches, gold, air conditioners and other attractive items.

Section 25 is also relevant, and reads as under: The refusal of Gen. There was reyman Rule of Law in East Pakistan. It does not need any elaborate argument to see that these figures are obviously highly exaggerated. In this context, we have already commented at some length, in a previous Chapter of this Report, on the allegation made by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at General Farman Ali was wanting to “paint the green of East Pakistan red,” and have found that the entire incident has been deliberately distorted.

According to various estimates mentioned by Mr.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report – Wikipedia

He frankly admitted before the Commission that he was associated with the planning of the military action of the 25th of Marchand also with the subsequent political steps taken by the military regime to noramlise the situation, including the proposed repprt necessitated by the disqualification of a large number of Awami league members of the National and Provincial Assemblies. It recommended a string of court-martials and trials against top officers.

There is a further entry of an Officer’s name below these words, which apparently has no connection with this matter. The only thing which goes in their favour is that while assessing their individual responsibility the Commission was obliged to take note of the limitations imposed upon them by the concepts and attitudes adopted by the Eastern Command, the admitted shortages and deficiencies in men and materials faced by them as compared to the vast resources of the enemy, and the general demoralization which stemmed from the culpable acts of commission and omission on the part of the Army High Command at Rawalpindi and the Commander, Eastern Command at Dacca.


These were all destroyed; except the one that was handed over to Government who disallowed its publication at the time.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

Eye of the Storm. Niaziand Rao Farman Ali all died in Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. Rahim Khan was re-examined at his own request. But the GHQ failed in this important duty. It did not result in the return of any appreciable number of the elected representatives of the people, who were in any case valuable hostages in the hands of the Indian authorities who did not allow them to cross back into Pakistan.

Baqir Siddiqui, has been making efforts to influence his Divisional and Brigade Commanders, by threats and inducements, so as to persuade them to present a coordinated story of the events in East Pakistan with a view to mitigating his own responsibility for the debacle.

On the same day 2 more fortresses Kushtia and Laksham were abandoned. He had stated that the message was drafted under the instructions of the Governor of East Pakistan who had been authorised by the President of Pakistan to offer proposals for a political settlement with the Awami League, and that he handed over a copy of the same to Mr. The allegations mentioned in the preceding Paragraphs were put to Lt.

However, it was reported to be a “Supplementary Report” which was created after the prisoners of war returned after two years. Gen Khadim Hussain were associated with the planning of the military action.

Mujibur Rehman during his meeting with the Prime Minister at Dacca. Scheme of the Supplementary Report 7.

When it submitted its supplementary report, it interviewed another 73 bureaucrats and military officers.

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