Define Gyromitra infula. Gyromitra infula synonyms, Gyromitra infula pronunciation, Gyromitra infula translation, English dictionary definition of Gyromitra infula. Proper noun[edit]. Gyromitra infula f. A taxonomic species within the family Discinaceae – the elfin saddle or hooded false morel. Gyromitra infula (Schaeff.) Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: () [MB#].

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Part 13, Morchellaceae, Helvellaceae”.

Thanks to the Herbarium of the University gyromita Michigan for facilitating study of the collections cited below. University of Minnesota Press: Gyromitra ambigua is a nearly identical species with spores measuring x 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gyromitra infulacommonly known as the hooded false morel or the elfin saddleis a fungus in the family Helvellaceae. Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae in Latin.

Der lichtbraune Bischofshut Praffenhut oder Stochmaurache. Sanctioned by Sanctioning name Validated by Type specimen or ex type More specimens Human pathogenicity code Plant pathogenicity code Infulaa toxicity.

Mitra episcopului

Additionally, this western mushroom is sometimes found growing terrestrially, while the eastern version is almost always found growing on wood. Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium.

InJean Boudier moved both G. Retrieved from ” https: It is replaced each time there is a query done. Gyromitra infula is mostly likely to be confused with saddle-shaped species of Helvella with smooth stipes. Of the several species of Gyromitra that occur in California, G.


Fungi of Northern Europe: See comments about MMH under Gyromitra esculenta. Like Gyromitra esculenta it contains monomethylhydrazine MMH and should be avoided. Contact our curators Dr. The spores of Gyromitras, including Gyromitra infulahave two oil droplets, while those of Helvellas have a single droplet.

University Press of Idaho. The dark reddish-brown caps of the fruit bodies develop a characteristic saddle-shape in maturity, and the ends of both saddle lobes are drawn out infjla sharp tips that project above the level of the fruit body.

Specimens and strains links: For practical reasons we have decided not to translate all pages in several languages ingula because it was too heavy to maintain but some of the labels of the basic and advanced query pages are still available. Potentially deadly, especially raw.

Saprobic ; growing alone, scattered, or gregariously on the well-decayed wood of conifers, or growing terrestrially near stumps and woody debris; widely distributed in Ggyromitra America but more common in northern and montane areas.

Notes on Gyromitra “. The West Coast version of Gyromitra infula see the bottom illustrationswhich may be a separate species, tends to get larger than its eastern counterpart, and seems more prone to 3-lobed and odd-ball manifestations. See below for more information.


Gyromitra infula

These cookies allow us to see information on user website activities including, but not limited to page views, source and time spent on a website. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat This mushroom occurs in late summer and fall–not in the spring, when other species of Gyromitra can be found in coastal California, however, it fruits in winter and spring.

This will help to protect your privacy. Pairwise identification Polyphasic identification. Obligate or homotypic synonyms: Gyromitra infula is widely distributed throughout borealmontane and coastal forests in North America. Spores in heated cotton blue. No other cookies than the ones mentioned above are used on our websites.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Fleshy Fungi. The Mushroom Hunter’s Field Guide. Open the calendar popup.

Gyromitra infula

Register new name species, genus, family, etc Register new type specimen of existing taxa epitype, neotype, etc. University of Alberta Canada. Click on the language titles to launch them. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.

Gyromotra Jabas 1 and Dr.

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