(This very great prayer requesting Guruvayurappan(Lord of Guruvayur) . Sloka prayers for solving various problems Compiled by Sri Vathsa. Given below is the collection of last slokas from Daskasmn 81 to 90 of this great devotional put the slokas in context. O Lord of Guruvayur!. While above Guruvayur he smiled at the pompousness and vividity of the procession by chanting 8 slokas in praise of Govinda, known as Govinda Ashtakam.

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Poonthanam showed the draft of his Jnanapana to Melpathur.

Killed by Krishna he merged in Krishna attaining Sayuja Mukti. It is believed that celestial beings come and worship the Lord after the temple is closed.

Raja Thatha’s stotra translations: Sri Guruvayurappan Stotram

The non-dual infinite Brahman itself manifested in all its resplendence, with its plenary powers, in the captivating of Krishna. They were welcomed and honoured by Indra. As they repeated it thrice, the lord told them that they would have three janmas births and that He would be born to them in each of their three incarnations. The Lord was a child to the childless Kururamma.

Guruvayur is a temple state with the Lord as its Head.

The small opening in the roof over the North- West courtyard is in commemoration of this event. The guruvxyoorappan elephant to touch the flagstaff will be given special treatment inside the temple on the days of Utsavam and will get the privilege of carrying the Lord’s thidambu for the procession.

He thought he had lost his way. Worshipers went to the banyan tree to make their obeisance. They met Parasurama an earlier avatara of Vishnu at Kerala, who was bringing the same murti to Dwaraka.

The next day the Swamiyar told him that Guruvayurappan has given his consent and Manavedan can see Guruvayurappan playing in the early hours of the morning at the platform of the Elanji tree. Mallisseri sent his man to enquire about him. Unni went outside and brought some salted mangoes and curd from neighborhood in the belief that the Lord like food this way.


A few drops of water unintentionally fell upon Chemmangatt Amma, another lady of the locality who had finished her bath. Since the king was wholly absorbed in the Lord, Who alone can dispense with fate, sslokas did guruvagoorappan feel the sting. When it was time for taking leave, You went to Radha and firmly embraced her.

The result was funny. Shortly Poonthanam came for darshan and started his prayers. Prayers to the Lord of Guruvayoor from Narayaneeyam A brief note on the contents of each dasaka is also given, where possible, to put the slokas in context.

He soon recovered and saw the Lord in all his royalty. The four-tusked elephants were also sent to Dwarka gurugayoorappan the one gifted to Bhagadatta. Vilwamangalam Swamiyar and Kurur Amma were cousins.

Durvasa and his disciples had the feeling of eaten a sumptuous meal. Bana engaged Satyaki in battle.

Requested by Yudhishthira, he told the former all that was to be known about dharma. An astrologer told a Pandya King that he was destined to die from a cobra bite on a particular day. Arjuna had the tacit consent of Krishna who somehow pacified an enraged Balaram. Uddhava was to request Brahaspati, the Guru of the Gods, to install the image at a suitable place.

The deity pulled down acharya through the roof all of a sudden and in the next moment he was in front of the Lord. The elephants were chained but they broke the chain and ran to Guruvayur without the mahouts on that night. He was greatly devoted to Krishna and had no desire for material things. On another occasion during the stay of Pandavas in the forest, Durvasa arrived as a guest after Draupadi had partaken of the food from the Akshayapatraafter which the Akshayapatra automatically becomes empty.


There is a holy spot, Nritham, on the eastern side of the northern entrance to the temple, where the Swamiyar meditated and danced in ectasy. Krishna, for the welfare of all, himself took a holy dip, gave cash as dakshina to brahmins and mingled with Pandavas, Kauravas and other friends.

Guruvayoorappan – Story, Miracles, Slokas, Guruvayur Temple

The boy pointed out an error in the very first verse. Sankara gave up his mortal body praising Krishna, the plenary incarnation of Vishnu. He regained his voice and lived many more years to sing in many concerts.

Guruvayoorappaj Ezhava family called Tampuran Patikkal brings these tender coconuts for this important rite.

Krishna then went to Indrapastha along with Arjuna, Subhadra and Balaram to show his affection for Arjuna and the other Pandavas. While at Indraprastha Krishna met Kalindi on the banks of Yamuna and married her.

It was Lord Guruvayurappan himself, who came to the rescue of Poonthanam as Mangattachan. It later became an important offering with the devotees. She once asked her husband why he should not approach Krishna, consort of Lakshmi and a boyhood friend of his for wherewithal of a reasonable living. By this time Krishna reached Dwaraka along with Balarama and attacked Salva whose army had been decimated. Next morning Kuchela took leave of Krishna without asking for anything.

Krishna attacked Yuruvayoorappan, capital city of Bana, with the Yadava army. Suddenly the King realized that the time of his death had passed.

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