NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 Golitsyn claims that the Soviet liberalisation was nothing than a tactic to. Anatoly Golitsyn. New Lies For Old. The Communist strategy of deception and Disinformation An ex-KGB officer warns how communist deception threatens.

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In the communist regimes enjoyed comparable conditions and advantages in relation to the West. Its function was to coordinate the bloc disinformation program and conduct special political and disinformation operations in support of golutsyn.

The most active agent in the Trust was a former intelligence officer of the General Staff in Czarist Russia whose many names included Opperput.

The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation. Jeff rated it liked it Apr 27, Action would be taken against nationalist and social democratic leaders, party activists, former civil servants, officers, and priests. The thing lasts, Soviet-style, about five! Serov had delivered a report to the Presidium on the work of the KGB at home and abroad, and it became the focus for sharp criticism.


He was himself an able journahst. Special deceptions are carried out to support the credibility of the propaganda. The United States could be tempted to encourage the growth in influence of China and her associates, such as Egypt, Somalia, and the Sudan, as a barrier to Soviet expansion. The secret agents of Western intelligence services are potentially the most valuable sources of all, provided that they are operating in good faith and have access to information at the policy-making level.

Those leaders of the nonaligned movement who had close relations with communist countries would try to involve the rest of the nonaligned movement in concerted ol with communists and social democrats to promote the joint aims of procuring the disarmament of the United States and the reduction of its role as a world power; of isolating Israel, South Africa, and Chile; and of helping liberation movements in Latin America, Southern Africa, and the Middle East, especially the PLO.

The same would apply if the target was a group of noncommunist countries; or a specific problem, such as the defense program of a noncommunist country; or a particular Western attitude to gklitsyn communist bloc or one of its members; or world public opinion on a particular policy; or issues such as the Vietnam War, alleged West German revanchisme, or the Middle East situation. Within six months, several defectors, both from the KGB and from the military intelligence, arrived in the United States.


We are not going to change this tradition today. And ,ies did he reveal when he defected from the Soviet KGB in [actually, in 19 61 ]? And that strategy involved creating the appearance of destabilisation or breaking up of the unified communist movement worldwide, the creation of rifts and divisions between communist countries and eventually the idea of the pretense, the stage-managed, false theatrical presentation of alleged liberalisation in communist nations, the purpose being to deceive the West into putting its guard down and make it easier for communism to advance.

This book will take you at goliteyn three reads to get what Golytsin is trying to address. Lirs Khrushchev’s order the special troops were put on the streets, with orders to fire on the crowds.

Under Mironov the Administrative Organs Department became very important. Abroad, golisyn means were used to damage, disrupt, and discredit both the emigre movements and the European intelligence services. These would pose as members of the American or British embassy staffs and would arrange to meet the well-wisher outside the embassy, with predictable consequences for the well-wisher concerned. Despite subsequent appearances, an atmosphere of confidence was created between the party leaders in which Soviet coercion became superfluous but Soviet advice and help were nww accepted.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

I warned about a political offensive to promote a neutral socialist Europe which would work to Soviet advantage. Reference Literature — 9. Leading dissidents might form one or more alternative political parties. The security service began to exercise effective control over Soviet society. The Slovak area was to be in the immediate Russian sphere of influence, and the Czech Republic was to be in the German sphere of influence and was to be merged with Germany within 15 years [the first big EU eastward lids took indeed place on May 1, taking in, among six other socialist states and Malta and Cyprus, both Czechia and Slovakia; yet, with Germany having meanwhile turned completely Marxist, it is safe to say that the German strategy has effectively been nullified by golitsym of the Soviets: They can also use for disinformation purposes the facilities of their intelligence and security services, which operate on a scale and with an immunity unparalleled in the West.

Kurskaya Metro Station in Moscow. At the same time, he became further convinced that events continued to confirm neww validity of his analysis, that the threat from international communism was not properly understood, and that this threat would shortly enter a new and more dangerous phase. De jure recognition was granted by all major countries except the USA. The final outcome of support for Chinese influence in the Third World would be the emergence of additional regimes there that would be hostile to the West.


The European Parliament might become an all-European socialist parliament with representation from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Owing to the length of the manuscript, a substantial part of it has been held over for publication at a later date. The Supreme Soviet would be given greater apparent power, and the president of the Soviet Union and the first secretary of the party might well be separated.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

He was born near Poltava, in the Ukraine, in It is a world in which there is one master, one sovereign. By all publications of the Change of Signposts movement had been wound up, the movement disbanded, and some of its leaders in the Soviet Union arrested.

The special role of disinformation is enhanced by the aggressive and ambitious character of communist external policy. Why is it being exported?

And mind the Communist Red Star on top of the tower that is visibly lighted from within just like the Red Stars on the Kremlin towers! In communist regimes the role of disinformation is entirely differ- ent. A second factor appears to be an extraordinary reluctance among some analysts to study the available documents. The Western public, reluctant to make sacrifices, urged their governments toward further accommodation with the Soviet regime.

New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

However, there might be very much an explanation that Mr. Rather, the communists are merely congratulating each other for the accomplishment of this great historic task of overwhelming the West, without the West realising at all what was going on! Former members of this organization, among them Czarist generals and members of the old aristocracy who had come over to the Soviet side, nominally led the movement. Nosenko was found to loes a legitimate defector, a lieutenant colonel and became a consultant to the CIA.

If you like War and Peace then hold onto your skin. The Party had very great experience of working goliitsyn before the Revolution, and also in the German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Return to Book Page. Now, this is a typical KGB ploy. This kind of flexible, democratic response could be seen in the United States during the campaign against the Vietnam War and during the Watergate crisis and in France after the events of May

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