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Chen, Mahta Moghaddam, Rolf H. Short summary An important feature of the Arctic is large spatial heterogeneity in active layer conditions.

Dog names beginning with “G”

Researchers can use many small vessels, which allows tracking of the eggs from individual females, for instance. In this paper, we simulated an increase of Methane production and oxidation potentials in relation to water table fluctuations in two boreal mires, Soil Biol. Comparison of three back-propagation training algorithms for two case studies, Indian J.

A new assessment of European forests carbon exchanges by eddy fluxes and artificial neural network spatialization, Glob. Multiple neural networks for a long term time series forecast, Neural Comput. How Physics and Biology matter in forest gap models, Clim. Short summary An accurate assessment of the methane budget is important to understand the atmospheric methane concentrations and trends and to provide realistic pathways for climate change mitigation.

Short summary Potential gains in terrestrial carbon sequestration over Europe from elevated CO 2 can be partially offset by concurrent rises in tropospheric O 3. Northern fens, methane flux and climatic change, Tellus B, 44, —, This study, based in N. We present an algorithm to separate open-water automatic chamber CH 4 fluxes into diffusion and ebullition. Crump, Xingyuan Chen, and Nancy Hess.


Plants also experience growth after optimal conditions for assimilation regarding light and temperature have passed. Our results have implications for the modelling of the circumpolar carbon balance. However, it requires hard work or expensive equipment to quantify the emission directly.

Modelling helps to estimate the magnitude and uncertainty of not measurable C and N fluxes and indicates missing input source, e.

All rivers studied were strong sources of methane to air but gogod ranged from minor sources to minor sinks for nitrous oxide. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. Measured emissions reveal seasonal patterns and management effects like fertilizer application, tillage, harvest and grazing.

Torsten Diem, Nicholas J. Bodelier, and Susanne Liebner. Its p CO 2 was characterized by strong spatial and temporal variations.

Our results provide insights into the emissions and possible ways to significantly improve global carbon models. Short summary To identify site specific differences in CO2-related processes in open peatlands, we calibrated a process oriented model to fit to detailed measurements of carbon fluxes and compared the resulting parameter ranges between the sites.

Short summary Aerosol number size distributions were measured in Arctic Russia continuously during 4 years. In the plots treated with ammonium and nitrate solution, no response was seen. Diurnal variations were also observed but they were caused by changes in ambient wind speed and not by biological processes.

One is a particular, well-establed Lyman-alpha hygrometer that has been used for decades as the standard for fast airborne humidity measurements. Data, 10,https: Short summary Intensive vegetable fields suffered very low N use efficiency and very high N 2 O emissions as compared to other ecosystems.

Dog names beginning with “G”

The Arctic is important for the future carbon cycle, particularly due to the large carbon stocks in permafrost. Here, dyking and freshwater rewetting had caused a distinct freshening and an efficient depletion of the sulfate reservoir which opened up favorable conditions for a prospering methanogenic community. Baggs, Patrick Meir, Mark I. We developed a model that can be used within a larger wetland carbon model to simulate the methane emissions.


Biogeosciences, 10,https: Short summary Nitrous oxide N 2 O is an important and strong greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and part of climate.

Biogeosciences, 12,https: Assessing the eddy covariance technique for evaluating carbon dioxide exchange rates of ecosystems, past, present and future, Glob. Gogls released large amounts of CH 4with emissions linked to temperature and the gedepn of Sphagnum ; landscape emissions were 2.

Combined heat and drought extremes had opposing effects offsetting each other for respiration, but there were also strong reductions in GPP and hence the strongest reductions in the ecosystems carbon sink capacity. It mimics natural processes by allowing the CO 2 to move gently and across the surface of the water though gas exchange, making it well suited for delicate plankton. Short summary We analyzed ecosystem-scale measurements of methane exchange between Arctic tundra and the atmosphere, taking into account the large variations in vegetation and soil properties.

Short summary To better understand why atmospheric carbon dioxide has changed over the course of Earth’s history, we analyze carbon dissolved in the ocean in a state-of-the-art model.

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