Still unsure whether she loves him or Lucas, Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision, or risk all-out war. Goddess is the final book in Josephine Angelini’s. Josephine Angelini’s compelling saga becomes ever more intricate and conclusion to the masterfully woven Starcrossed trilogy, a goddess must rise above it. In Josephine Angelini’s compelling conclusion to the masterfully woven Starcrossed trilogy, a goddess must rise above it all to change a destiny.

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Not everyone hates that movie, you know. For me Goddess includes all the elements needed for an amazing conclusion- battle, betrayal and romantic fireworks all help to create an addictive page turner, simply waiting to be devoured.

Goddess By Josephine Angelini **SPOILERS**

You know the annoying kind that is like a fly buzzing around your head? Reading a finale is always daunting prospect. I almost wanted to hate you for the decisions you made and the way you dragged Lucas and Orion in your love-fest.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I mean, not everyone had a happy ending, and yeah technically a few of my favorites didn’t but unless Josephine writes a book far into the future, all we can base it on is this book.

Though you could see the Helen-Lucas-Orion relationship as a love triangle, I don’t. Sides are chosen, secrets are revealed, lives are at stake. I’ve actually been reading a lot lately. I think I probably will get around to finishing this series someday, but I’m not expecting anything epic.


Goddess by Josephine Angelini – review

After reading Dreamless, I want this so badly! I was so happy to be in his presence. The Demigods and Gods take their sides. In this book, Helen Hamilton has dreams of her historical character, which worked really well in this plot. I just finished Dreamless and if she doesn’t pick Lucas There’s a new character introduced in Goddess, a young woman with a mysterious heritage and talent.

Interesting that Helen is dreaming about two of the most legendary love triangles in history: I love you, you sexy thang, you. Being inside Helen’s head was sometimes frustrating and I do agree that when a reader knows before the characters do, it’s really frustrating to sit back and just watch them try to figure it all out when I know what is going on.

God, you’re almost as bad as Hades. So, yes, Goddess introduces more new developments spoiler-free; don’t worry! I just bought Dreamless like yesterday night, and I just finished reading it like 5 minutes ago.

Goddess (Starcrossed, #3) by Josephine Angelini

That Josephine Angelini sure did josepyine my heart palpitate many times. No, wait, you didn’t. I always had a soft spot for him, though in the beginning I was skeptical of him. Recommended to Nasty Lady MJ by: I was on the edge of my seat the whole last angelni. The descriptions of the places we got to visit were fun and I could see pretty clear what was happening when it was happening.

I didn’t expect to feel anything but hatred for her.


I’m writing this 11 days after actually finishing the book so I don’t have much to say. May 28, Imprint: How I do love him. She truly grew so much in this book. Anyone care to share? Hopefully you liked my review and sorry it took so long to post, I have been very busy with school work lately. I still haven’t read the first book yet, partly because I’ve heard such mixed things about it. Orions story was finally revealed and it was heart-breaking.

Love this version of Troy more because of that. I know Guinevere cheated on Arthur, but the fact she loved both men was one of the saddest parts about the whole triangle. What a stellar conclusion to the series! I godddess this would happen in book 1 so it was no surprise.

Preview — Antelini by Josephine Angelini. I was happy with how things worked out in the end. To ask other readers questions about Goddessplease sign up. And it’s up to Helen to stop this once and for all or the Gods win and the world as they know it is over. Josephine Angelini has a vivid imagination and a quirky sense of humor that are too rare in YA.

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