Günter Grass: Die Blechtrommel (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension von Dieter Wunderlich). Original print of the cover art of the Gunter Grass’ most famous work Die Blechtrommel. Signed by Gunter Grass on the bottom right hand. the art of Giinter Grass, who achieves balance through contrarities, through a juxtaposition The angular line of chronological narrative in Die Blechtrommel is .

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I couldn’t believe they enjoyed him, much less admitted to enjoying him. But hrass little drummer boy picks it up again and starts drumming stronger and louder than ever, in fact he says that the he is not narrating his story, but rather drumming it. While the tale might seem weird it succeeds brilliantly in Grass’s rendering. By using this site, dei agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is you and me. Grass is a wonderful writer, richly deserving of his nobel prize.

The later half of book is full of symbols of war guilt.

The Tin Drum

But the truth was, the day of the bombing sucked because we had to wait outside in our show choir dresses in the rain because grase kid called in a copycat bomb threat to our school the same day.

We not-so-young keep adulthood at bay, a bunch of Peter Pans frolicking around the world, being silly happy, irresponsible, doing what we want, persons stuck in an age where we are merely infants, barely kids. Maybe I’ll do that one time. He then meets and befriends Vittlar.

We compromise, make the most out of the situation. I’ve read somewhere that Oskar symbolizes Nazism. His body length remains a convenient 96 centimeters roughly 3 foot 2. Feb 11, Dan rated it it was ok. This indifference attracts an equal indifference from us.

Günter Grass – Die Blechtrommel : Volker Neuhaus :

Grass was raised a Catholic. His gang members call him “Jesus”, then he refers to himself as “Satan” later in the book.


blechtromnel We all blechrommel born again drenched in sweats blefhtrommel stink. View all 11 comments. There is his “master”, Bebra, who enlists Oskar to join his travelling show at one point and at a later time, contracts him to play concerts throughout Germany. A tin drum in his arms, he echoes a steady beat that moves one to lose track of the pretenses we mask ourselves with.

There’s also a period of a few years when he doesn’t drum at all. The hunchback shows up later, after an illness when he is older. Hence you must take everything he ggnter with a pinch, correction a bowl full of salt. His parents supply gntrr with toy tin drums which he wears out with his incessant drumming. His son Oskar, however, seeing his father so involved and inflamed, slipped away unnoticed and hurried off toward the Arsenal Arcade, because he was worried about his drums of white and red lacquered tin.

Trivia About The Tin Drum. Mounting tensions compel Oskar to live apart from Maria and Kurt; he decides on a flat owned by the Zeidlers. Once upon a time there was a grocer who closed his shop one November day because something was going on in the city, took his son Oskar by the hand and travelled with the Number Five tram to Langgasser Gate, because the synagogue there was on fire, as were those in Zoppot and Langfuhr.

Of course it does. Take care, young man. I never read this novel before, of that I’m sure, and I only saw some trailers of the movie. And this is what I drum: I gfass note, too, the Apollonian-Dionysian distinction is itself a German invention, finding its origins in the early writings of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Gifted with a piercing shriek that can shatter glass or be used as a weapon, Oskar declares himself to be one of those “clairaudient infants”, whose “spiritual development is complete grase birth and only needs to affirm itself”.


However, blechtroommel every such episode dealing with the events of WWII, there are others interspersed in between dealing with much more domestic concerns: A hallowed book I finished in a laundromat.

Want to Read saving….

Sherbet fizz Re-Read gjter Come fai a dargli meno di 4 stelle, ma che faticaccia! You would think an author of this caliber would produce something that has a sophisticated or should Gras say complicated? And in art, Cupid is repeatedly blechtrrommel as a young naked boy of 3 or 4 with fair skin and shiny golden locks I almost can’t remember my reading life before wee Oskar. Indeed, the closer he gets to the exposed raw nerve, the more oblique Grass becomes.

Oskar got up slowly and avoiding the shattered glass, moved quietly but single-mindedly toward the wooden rack with the toys, mentally constructing a pedestal of boxes on a nursery chair, tall and stable enough to make him the new owner of a brand-new tin drum, when Kobyella’s voice and then the janitor’s horny hand caught up with me. He heads up a local boys’ gang, and he is directly or indirectly responsible for the murders or deaths of nearly everyone close to him.

But you hold it in your grasss and it will move you. Painful because what is presented as entertainment is actually crime.

In addition he always carries a toy with him and that’s finally the titular tin drum.

However this book uses war references in a different context just as some fiction books refers to classics. Or, rather, I loved to hate it, while I was reading it. In turn the Russians arrive and expel the Germans all of which Grass presents in relatively jolly terms.

Stars Phil Daniels and Kenneth Cranham.

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