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As for what lays beyond, each of us most go look and see for ourselves.

Both intuitive and interactive, the Gnostic approach to faith is a sacred quest for greater knowledge, understanding, and wisdom-a deeper penetration of the Mystery. A tye study to the Christian Kabbalah and the imagery as well as symbolism of the tradition.

Gordon Laatz rated it really liked it Jun 14, This is true throughout creation.

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Dharma Wild rated it it was amazing May 18, I have one more question in regard to Binah that is this: It is an emanation of the bornless Spirit of God, which, pf made distinct from Ain Sof, is completely inseparable from the infinite and eternal. In skillful means, in Body of Glory and Body of Emanation, there is peaceful, blissful and wrathful emanations, and the shadow is the power of the wrathful emanations, and it is the power to liberate beings from the darker realms of archons, hungry ghosts and hells — it is simply a matter of awakening and reintegration, self-knowledge and the knowledge of the Divine, True Gnosis, Divine Illumination.

I’ve given away 5 copies already!!!!!

One need only consider the difficulty of conveying one’s mind and one’s thoughts through speech to another person and the gap of subjectivity between the speaker and the listener. To gain some insight into the nature of the Olamot, one might contemplate them in terms of the sun and its light and the moon that reflects the light.

Must be a great sight! Michele Croston rated it really liked it May 18, The noble premise of the Christian Kabbalah is nothing less than a conscious evolution toward a divine or super humanity. Refresh and try again. Along with his exploration of the Western Mystery Tradition, he has studied extensively in several Eastern Traditions, such as Vajrayana Buddhism and Vedanta, and he also studied within a Middle Eastern Tradition of Sufism, as well as becoming involved in Native American Shamanism.


Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

We are the co-creators of our fate and destiny, the reality of our experience. Tzaphkielwho is guiding us in our conversations chrisg the beginning. The demiurge, ignorance, is the cause of sorrow and suffering — the bondage of souls to potentially endless rounds of birth and all that goes with it, and the perception of that cause, as well as its possible cessation, is an integral part of the vision of sorrow.

Along with his exploration of the Western Mystery Tradition, he has studied extensively in several Eastern Traditions, such fnosis Vajrayana Buddhism and Vedanta, and he also studied within a Middle Eastern Tradition of Sufism, as well as becoming involved in Native American Shamanism.

Gnosi would be regressivelike a return into the womb of the grown up adult. Soand thats what i find interestingthe Boddhisatva ideal would be actually superior to the Buddha realization considering the static nirvana as pf supreme realization thatas an ideal of “personal” liberation, would be an illusion the supreme one!

To engage in the study and practice of the Kabbalah is to embark upon a mystical journey into hidden levels of the Scriptures and the secret wisdom they contain. Thomas rated it really liked it Jul 23, Then he or she draws up the corresponding plans and considers how each building will serve its function in relationship to the other structures.

Naturally, with the realization of neshamah of neshamah we may speak of all manner of gradations beyond — all manner of gradations of adepts and masters, tzaddikim and maggidim. Please try again later. And that can only produce in usHuman BeingsCompassiom and the desire to attain liberation and enlightenment in order to help all beingsof all realms and “sizes”, to be free from the demiurgic bondage.

I LOVE this book and it has become a part of my daily devotional reading. Buddhas could only exist in the pure realmsthe “Pure Lands” and thats why Sakyamuni never reincarnated.

The noble idea of the Christian Kabbalah is not so much the worship of Jesus Christ, but rather a conscious evolution toward a divine or super-humanity.

They all hold the tje, skilled in warfare; each one with his sword on his thigh because of fear at night. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Divine book and great malachhi in delivery!

Get to Know Us. The teachings of the Kabbalah are divided into three principal forms: The outer teachings focus on a simple or single Tree of Life Glyph, the inner on the Great Tree of Life, the secret venture into other images depicting the linear and circular Sefirot, and other more esoteric mysteries.


As we know, not only is the earth and every other world system impermanent, but so also, according to the Holy Scriptures, the heavens are impermanent — the inner dimensions reaching from the physical or material dimension to the threshold of the supernal dimension are all impermanent, as are the spiritual beings-forces that are in them, as well as all of the realms, worlds and universes that are in them.

This is certainly cossmic of the Sophian Tradition, which is so interwoven with the teachings of the Kabbalah that it is impossible to separate out Gnosticism and Kabbalah in the Tradition. Considering the vast height, depth, and breadth of these metaphysical questions, one can imagine the enormous amount of esoteric teachings, practices, and literature that has formed around the Kabbalah in the course of thousands of years.

If we look into the symbolism of chapter twelve of Revelations where this vision is told, it is clearly an image of Binah, the End-Of-Days, and clearly depicts the spiritual power of the Pillar of Severity. As she discusses that in relation to the Hayyah level gnoiss the souli prefer to let this specific topic to when we reach Hokmah.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Binah –

According to the Kabbalah, creation occurs through a process of tzimtzum constrictionin which God must withdraw his or her infinite light into him- or herself to make a primordial space in which creation can take place. According to the Ari when a soul incarnates for the realization of a certain aspect of the soul, whether nefesh, ruach or holy neshamah, once that realization is accomplished, that purpose fulfilled, there is nothing more that can be accomplished in the realization of the soul in that lifetime, but rather, the soul must reincarnate to continue the tikkune and realization of the soul at the next level.

If this is not alien enough, at the level of Atzilut, not only are past, present, and future a simultaneous reality, but so also is every possible outcome, which is to say every possibility of the past, present, and future, not only of one single space-time continuum but of all possible space-time continuums! All too often the novice, and even many well along the Way, conceive of enlightenment or illumination as clarity devoid of the experience of any confusion, as though there is something permanent to grasp onto.

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