Gerard Gertoux. PARADOX OF THE ANONYMOUS NAME [1]. God’s name, which one finds about times in the Bible under the form YHWH, possesses the. ITS STORY, by Gérard Gertoux To return to here from an answer, use your Back button. Q1- Is it possible to pronounce the divine name if its genuine vowels are. Gérard Gertoux currently worked at the Laboratoire de Recherche HiSoMA – Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques, Université Lumiere Lyon 2.

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Two other topics linked to the first census of Quirinius are examined: He will write inwith characteristic frankness: He indicated that the unspeakable name is Ihehoua in Hebrew. Thus, ancient texts, that are preserved in more than one copy, have been compared to determine how much variation gegtoux between manuscripts.

System masters lectionis, the oldest, and the system of vowel points invented by the Masoretes page Pagninand others.

Dating the Sennacherib’s Campaign to Judah more. The dropping of the first vowel a becoming e can not be invoked, because this change took place in the third century before our era, and the Septuagint, which kept track of this phenomenon, did not preserve any theophoric names without exception beginning with Ia. The fact that people have been trying to guess what the Tetragrammaton really means proves that God didn’t mean for people to use His name.

The first registration under Herod the Great in 2 BCE, as the census of Apamea, was made to know the number of citizens and it is not to be confused with the one implemented in Judea by Quirinius when he came in 6 CE to ensure the liquidation of property of Herod Archelaus after his disgrace, and of which Josephus says it was followed by an evaluation of property.

Ugbaru is Darius the Mede more. By contrast, in a chronology with co-regency, and thus two distinct cycles, the abnormal intercalary month in year 30 of Darius Persepolis corresponds to another cycle ending in year 4 of Xerxes.

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The present Achaemenid chronology comes mainly from official Babylonian king lists, which ignore coregents and usurpers. The remarkable aspect of his argumentation lies in the fact of which he managed to avoid controversy on a subject so ticklish.

If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select “Infringes a well-known work” from the dropdown menu. A paradox of magnitudes. Then the Russian orthodox translator also systematically chose to render the Tetragram by Jehovahas did then the American Protestant translatorsand finally the French Catholic translators who did the same choice Masoretes simply pointed the Tetragrammaton with the vowels e, a word Shema ‘ Aramaic expression meaning the namegetting Yehwah form to indicate that the name was read by Adonay, not Elohim.

YhwhName of Godand Tetragrammaton. However, the Gospels refer to it as a real story which is even described as essential to faith Hebrews 6: However, Maimonides knew the problem about the pronunciation, because the Jewish tradition stated it had been lost.

The pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton according to Gérard Gertoux

A Google search on it shows a number of non-scholarly positive mentions but no critical review. Worse still, to establish their chronology, historians have blind faith in the Babylonian king lists which are nevertheless false reporting no usurpation and no co-regency. Mary The fact that people have been trying to guess what the Tetragrammaton really means proves that God didn’t mean for people to use His name.

This form would be a hypothetical imperfect hiphilvocalized YaHaYeH resulting from an archaic [?

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It Story University Press of America avec le gsrtoux Regrettably, instead of explaining this apparent abnormality, gertoxu commentators influenced by the form Yahweh mislead the readers of Josephus by indicating in a note that this reading was IAUE. It seems, by observing the histories of the various choices, that scientific arguments were not the only ones in play. Dating the war of the Hyksos more. That was my first impression, but when I asked him he did not admit to being one did not deny either.

The pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton according to Gérard Gertoux

Daniel Bodi, des rapporteurs: Genebrard’s major innovation was gertouxx to introduce the theological meaning of the Name into the search for its vocalization which was in fact a cabalistic concepta process which engendered the knowledge of the Hebrew language and of its history increasing a profusion of new vocalized forms.


They argue that the major events in the Bible such as the victory of Abraham against Chedorlaomer, an unknown king of Elam around BCE, the victory of Moses against an unknown Pharaoh around BCE or the victory of Esther, an unknown Persian Queen, against an unknown vizier of Xerxes, never existed because they left absolutely no evidence.

Consequently, who to believe: Attempts to remove God’s name modern versions are real. Leolaia I recall reading something a while back on purported prosodic evidence of YHWH getoux trisyllabic from the poetic texts.

I had a couple of e-mails with the author, exposing some mainly linguistical objections I told him I was an exJW.

Genebrard gerrard to confirm this definition due to his knowledge of the Hebraic language. This detailed treatment of the Name is useful for those who are interested in the history of its translation over the centuries Religious Studies Review Vol. No one today really knows exactly how it was pronouncedit was lost over a thousand years ago.

So, Clement of Alexandria wrote in his book Stromateon V: The Pharaoh of the Exodus Fairy tale or real history? This detailed treatment of the Name is useful for those who are interested in the history of its translation of the centuries Religious Studies Review13, July Vol.

Besides several grammar scholars thought that the Aramaic form “he will be” yhwh was pronounced Iehue or Iahue and was connected with the Name. The Talmud points out that they had started terard remove these names Yah, Yahu that had been stamped on jars in order to protect their holiness.

Dating the Biblical Chronology more.

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