BOSCOV – Livro Geotecnia Ambiental – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Maria Eugenia Gimenez Boscov is the author of Geotecnia Ambiental ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Projeto de Gestão Ambiental Integrada da Região do Bico do Papagaio. Zoneamento Boscov, M.E.G., Geotecnia Ambiental. Oficina de Textos, São.

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Charlotte ; United States: Figure 2 View of the unlined leachate pond. A soil sample of 0. Help Center Find new research papers in: X-ray fluorescence semi-quantitative analysis showed predominance of Si, Al e Fe, compatible to the mineralogical composition.

Fri Sep 25, 8: Tata McGraw Hill Education, p.

This paper presents the exhumation of contaminated soil samples under an unlined leachate lagoon located in Botucatu Municipal Landfill and the results of chemical analyses to determine metal contamination in the site. For each round of microwave heating one vessel getecnia only 10 mL of nitric acid was used as a blank test.

EPA, developed for partial extraction of metals. The author would also like to express their thanks goetecnia The unlined leachate pond was deactivated and emptied after a new lined pond was built.


The approximate dimensions of the pond were: Datos del sector y tipo de proyecto 4. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Great thanks in advance! Log In Sign Up.

Contaminated soil sampling Samples of contaminated soil were collected at three profiles located inside the area of the bscov leachate pond at 6 depths: The landfill location is presented in Figure 1. L solution 4,4 -1 P mg. Microwave assisted acid digestion of aqueous samples and extracts.

MSW disposal sites with elements and operational procedures that guarantee protection to the environment and human health.

Soil characterization Geotechnical characterization of the local soil is presented in Table 1.

Geotecnia Ambiental 2

These results are consistent with other studies on metal transport and retention in tropical soils. Leachate pond Untilgeotecni leachate generated in Botucatu Municipal Landfill was mainly stored in an unlined pond Figure 2without compacted clay liner and geomembrane.

Margarita di Pula, Cagliari. Other results of chemical analysis of the local soil are presented in Table 2. Board Decision number E.


geotecnia ambiental boscov pdf creator – PDF Files

Results showed that the tropical sandy soil that composed the landfill foundation retained the investigated metals, ambieental that their concentrations did not exceed limit acceptable values of soil contamination from the state of Sao Paulo.

When the sampling depth was reached, the auger extremity was manually washed with Milli-Q water before the sample collection, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

Transporte de poluentes em solos — Arsenic, cadmium, lead, copper and chromium were determined in the natural uncontaminated soil, in the leachate sludge deposited in the bottom of the pond and in the contaminated soil samples. Reference source not found.

Maria Eugenia Gimenez Boscov (Author of Geotecnia Ambiental)

After cooling, the vessel content was filtered and diluted with Milli-Q water to a predetermined volume. Who could help me? Soil sampling was performed with a regular auger.

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