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I would have more respect for them both, had they acted thusly. I like him well enough to start.

Finally, the heroine, who is also supposed to be of sound moral fiber despite the fact that she’s a eeductora doesn’t seem to be bothered by these things either. View all 18 comments.

Emmeri rated it it was ok Oct 15, A duke naturally would need to think twice before he committed himself to a known courtesan. I will credit the author with research of the political situation of the era, however, as seducrora unmarried, not-widowed female in pre-Victorian England, our female lead would not have been able to keep her monetary gains for herself, as they would have legally belonged to her father, not to her.

There are some heartbreaking parts of the novel! This romance is full of unexpected twists and turns and feels like the roller coaster that love is in real life. Be an adult and make your decisions. And Belinda just takes it all in with a brittle smile and a lump in her imocencia.


I think what I liked best about this book was that it showed a very real picture of love, the bad with the good, instead of sedutora fantasy romance.

I found that scene contrived and out of character for her given her past experience with a brutal man and her innocence in all sexual acts. Our heroine, Belinda Hamilton, started off as a good inicencia to a countryman. Belinda HamiltonRobert Knight. The author also had a way of holding back emotions at times, which I think may have been intentional, as it gave me a sense of the insecurity that Bel was feeling in her relationship with Robert.

Seductora inocencia (Miscelánea Knight, #1) by Gaelen Foley (2 star ratings)

Remember Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts? What a wonderful story. Stuffy, straight-laced Robert, the Duke of Hawkscliffe, was a man on a mission. So despite feeling uncomfortable with this premise, I got right into it and can say I am now a devoted Gaelen Foley fan!

Re-reading Lord of Fire actually made me realize: Want to Read saving…. Un buen comienzo de saga que espero se repita con el segundo volumen.

Me encan Esta es una de esas historias de amor que adoro y considero maravillosas. I have read this series before.

Seductora inocencia

You get to hear about it. Sus protagonistas, Bel y Robert He seriously seemed completely poleaxed and angry over why she kept refusing to stay with him after he breaks the news that he has agreed to marry a family friend’s daughter. Now I can totally accept this. Robert doesn’t want to marry her, he can’t! The flirting they do with each other, when they dance together, when she hosts a political dinner at his home, when they kiss, it all feels REAL. When we meet her she is selling oranges on a street corner.


I think that she puts together a good plot not great, but good. Somehow I’ve managed to read three in a row, all with variations on the same theme. There is always something happening, but it’s like reading a report: I started out prejudiced against Gaelen Foley which was of no help at all.

Her silly, unworldly father who, perhaps, failed her the most. His reputation, his position in politics, his family’s legacy relies on him to do the right thing by marrying someone within the peerage. I really felt his actions in the second half were completely inconsistent and out of character to the kind of man he is.

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