read Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals) Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist? In his book entitled Le Mystère des. On out cathedrals the scenes of the Last Judgment show grimacing demons, These free, virile, and healthy images evidence that the artists of the (12) Cf. Fulcanelli, Le Mystere des Cathedrales (The Mystery of the. In , an obscure book was published in Paris called “Le Mystère des Cathédrales” (The Mystery of the Cathedrals), in a print run of just copies. The now.

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fullcanelli And yet, the information survived the secrecy and persecution and is now on the verge of becoming once again a common cultural perspective.

Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist? We were stuck with it, all the way to the briar patch. Christian has built a new monument to the end of time to France, Peru and Egypt.

FULCANELLI- The Mystery Of The Cathedrals « eye of the cyclone

All three of these groups are mutually antagonistic, yet interdependent. One photo to see all the desk. As the mystery unfolded and the puzzle appeared before us, Jay and I were astonished that no one else seemed to have seen this. Unfortunately, only a handful are successful You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Site Fulcanelli, the street of alchemy, or the illustration of his booksb egun on April 21, I was at that time preparing to move up to Suhalia [in Switzerland], and that was an enormous undertaking.

Colin Wilson suggests that he is another alchemical con-man such as Cagliostro or St. The reunion was brief and Fulcanelli once again disappeared not leaving any trace of his whereabouts. When my wife told me the good news” and cathedals If one of the cathedeals gave the secret away init could only have been because the secret was in danger of being lost.


The secret of the end of time and the possible transformation of the human species was in danger of being lost, forgotten or changed beyond recognition. A hyperlink sends towards these people.

Assan Dina’s tarots in the Avenieres’s castle. We are about to receive a cosmic wake-up call from the center of the galaxy. This site uses cookies.

Who was Fulcanelli?

Without neglecting the belief of some researchers that Canseliet himself could have been Fulcanelli, Canseliet himself believed Fulcanelli’s Master was Basil Valentinean alchemist of the 15th century; the theoretical Master at least, for Fulcanelli’s initiator may have been his own wife. But I admit I had had thoughts in that direction myself, and he merely oc them. In delineating this mystery, O tried, by piling up images and allusions, to suggest a vast initiatory process at work in human history.

However, the existence of a fourth current, the free will, share the information party, suggests that there is an answer. Sensiblity and intuition can be there a better guide than reason fulcanellli intellect. Dear reader, good exploration of this labyrinth which wants to be an images conversion of the Fulcanelli’s books.

I frde not attempt to prove to you what I’m now going to say but I ask you to repeat it to Mr. And then we realized that of course they had.


When Bergier asked Fulcanelli about the Philosopher’s Stone, the alchemist answered: According to Neil Powell, the following is a translation of the original verbatim transcript of the rendezvous:. These simple facts point to several interesting conclusions. If the secret, the grand macguffin of human history, is the ability to vree the celestial timing of the eschatological event, then the only serious questions become: Is that a sign?

Contains more than photos distributed in more than pages and accommodate on this site and 15 Go of videos accommodated on my YouTube video channel. The notes for the book were left for a time with his only student, Canseliet.


The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Original painting of the ” Virgen with the seven planetary metals ” of Julien Champagne. Many readers won’t have the chance to see the relevant monuments. Bythe balance of power had shifted and the nihilistic Setians scented final victory on the Cold War breeze. The sophisticated astronomical culture of the Central American Maya considered this event to be the end and beginning point of time itself.

Science has given the appearance of abdicating the responsibilty of interpreting its own findings. Inwith the publication of the international bestseller The Morning of the MagiciansPauwels and Bergier popularized the mystery of the Master Alchemist. The Setians were in the process of convincing the Opportunists of the need for mass suicide by way of an atomic war. According to Fulcanelli, the Phonetic Cabala Fulcanelli’s term for a special use of language, drawing on phonetic similarities and other symbolic techniques for expanding the expressive reach of words [18] is not the Hebrew Kabbalah ; even the derivation is different: Check this box to confirm you are human.

The ancient myth of Osiris, the rightful King, whose power is usurped by his evil brother, Set, and then revenged by his son, Horus, echoes this struggle over control of the secret. My video channel on YouTube: The power of this intellect appears, especially in Cathedrals, to be driven by an urgent need to communicate the outlines of a great mystery.

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