Fluval FX6 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Fluval FX6 User Manual. View and Download Fluval FX6 user manual online. Aquarium Canister Filter. FX6 Water Filtration Systems pdf manual download. FLUVAL. MANUAL DEL USUARIO MANUAL DO UTILIZADOR. FX. SERIES the unit. FLUVAL FX SPECIFICATION. FX4. FX6. Aquarium Capacity: gallons.

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Place one where the intake tube will be placed. Instant-release T-handles let you lift mqnual separate the baskets quickly and easily, making routine maintenance simpler. Move the filter canister into it’s final position. Do not get rid of the instructions.

Water Change Feature No need to carry buckets of water.

If you are in doubt, please contact your local aquatic specialist retailer for further advice before returning the product. Press until it clicks into place. This sequence will repeat itself when plugged in again.

FX6 High Performance Canister Filter | A | Filtration | Fluval

For starters, new FX6 has a pump output of liters US gallons of water an hour and has an astounding filter media capacity that produces the cleanest and healthiest results ever. If the venturi system will be used, place flubal venturi valve into the top of the vent. Heating Heaters Thermometers Replacement Parts.

Press the lid down until the output tube is firmly seated in the OUT connection on the filter lid. Place the intake strainer into the tank. Using the red T-handles, lift the 3 media baskets from the filter canister.


Position the metal clamp over the rubber connector. Clean the media every 2 weeks. You can leave the water, however you should clean any spills on the tank or near the electrical outlet.

Only water and power on and the filter starts to nanual.

Fluval FX6 Manuals

The pump will run for one minute to fill the filter canister with water. Many aquarium enthusiasts use Fluvial filters as they are innovative, easily accessible and have been a trusted brand for over three decades for small aquariums.

Self Starting Just add water and plug in. From Germany to Tobolsk Russia, Siberia it has only 10 days.

The lid is properly closed when it is in direct contact with the canister. The pump will stop for two minutes to evacuate air from the filter canister.

Very fast delievery time. Grasp the output valve which is at the end of the hosing attached to the output nozzle ; slide it onto the OUT connection on cx6 filter lid.

The warranty does not apply to wear and tear parts such as the impeller, impeller cover or motor seal. Capable of outputting GPHFX4 bridges the gap between the Fluval and the FX6 canister, making it an ideal choice for consumers with aquariums fuval to gallons.

Sign In or Register Wishlist 0. On a hour cycle, the pump will pause and allow trapped air to escape, ensuring the best filtration efficiency at all times. Nevertheless the filter is very compact and fits in olmost every aquarium cabinet. This concept is far more efficient and effective than other canisters that force water through all filtration stages in one shot.


To prevent blockage, all filter media must be placed in the filter baskets. Ensure that the purge valve is vertical closed. Performance data for Fluval FX6 is impressive: Fluval Smart Pump Technology will do the rest.

Fluval FX6 and FX4 Reviews – High Performance Canister Filters

Before returning the filter under warranty terms, please ensure that all setup and maintenance instructions have been followed. Loosen one of the metal clamps and slide it onto one end of the hosing the rubber part.

As always, you can expect FX’s legendary mix of power and efficiency that lets you spend more time enjoying your tank, and less time maintaining it. Mount the power filter onto the back of the aquarium. The filter lid must be located at least 7. This article has also been viewed 10, times. Place in the media baskets. The baskets can hold a total of 5. Nutrition Tropical Goldfish Cichlid Specialty. Includes filtering media Even better news, Fx FX6 comes with all the essential filtering media to provide complete and effective filtration immediately.

Push it as far as it will fit. The power filter must be level to run optimally.


JBL CristalProfi e greenline. Plug the filter into an electrical outlet. It will remain running until it is unplugged.

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