Fluke A Digital Multimeter DIGIT Engineering Bench Precision OPT 02a 03 About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. BRAND. Fluke. Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”. See other formats. Instruction Manual P/N MARCH 1 REV 1, 3/86 ®, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. All Rights. Active Filter Block Diagram A Fast A/D Converter The Fast A/ D Converter employs Fluke’s patented recirculating remainder (R2) technique.

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Fluke 8505A Digital Multimeter OPT 05 08a

Any use of the X command subsequent to power-up or reset replaces this number with the value applied at the external reference inputs. If the illegal configuration is not corrected, the error buffer is cleared G1 sentand a valid function is subsequently selected, the illegal module configuration does not interrupt further multimeter operation.

Wait till display clears. A latching error condition, if not corrected, generates repeated errors. Measurement stability may thereby be checked over a period of time.

Fluke 8505A Multimeters

Considerable versatility is realized through unique contruction. If a command string was not entered immediately preceding this character, the instrument wili take and transmit a reading in the last defined state.

The offset value may be entered by storing either a previous reading or a numericaily entered offset.

DC Signal Conditioner F: Selecting one disables the other. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Zero mode is toggled off if a function other than dc voits V or ohms Z is selected. Ohms guard is only available through the rear inputs. Exiting the zeroed function deactivates the Zero mode, but retains the stored values. However, the six function commands mentioned above allow for faster, direct entry into the desired A ac volts mode.


The control logic can be divided into two areas: Programming instructions A, A cont 4. Line Voltage Selection If dc volts, ohms, or dc amps is selected, extended resolution Average mode is disabled, the filter is not changed, and the sample is set to S7.

Calibration correction factors are always applied to readings unless the M command is sent. For the second step, the G1 get status command must be sent. The multimeter front panel display is blank while High Speed mode is on. Autoranging R is set. In some ranges and functions e. If a filter other than F or F2 is selected, Average mode is disabled, the new filter is accepted and the sample is set to S7.

Fluke A reference multimeter — Minerva Metrology & Calibration

Programming Instructions A, A cont 5. This procedure is intended for use during troubleshooting only.

A momentary error in the buffer flukw be cleared by sending the G1 command or by triggering a valid reading. Calibration Memory values are automatically loaded into the temporary memory when flyke or reset occurs. The EXT annunciator is lighted when the mode is enabled. V AC High Accuracy i? When in the Scaling, External Reference, Offset or Limits mode, there may be no readily discernible display of the true measurement value.

In Averaging or Calibration mode, the exponent may be used as an extra digit of resolution.


This is true whether Calibration mode is on or off. Bytes 2 and 3 further define the reading.

With the initial button push, a new zero value is stored and the mode is enabled ZERO annunciator on. The address, handshake, and data lines of the two buses serve the same functions. If error 25 remains, it may be necessary to first clear, and then re-enter, all correction factors, zero values, and the calibration date or instrument identification number. The remote interface will be unable to accept programming characters during this time.

Fluke A – Multimeters Meters

The first command VFiO? Store displayed value, enter Offset mode b. Mnemonics 4- 1. The foilowing commands are available: Zero mode is enabled with all temporary zero correction values set to 0. All or part of this routine can be used to establish or change measurement parameters, mathematic operations, or special operations.

For example, high and low limits of Recommended guard terminal connections are illustrated in Figure Exiting the Peak mode toggle PEAK once halts further peak recording, but does not erase previously recorded high and low values. The function is changed. Refer to appropriate areas in this table for a more detailed description. In many cases accurate measurements may be made with the selector in this fluk shown as A in Figure

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