This a tutorial can be used by the absolute FLTK beginner. In the course of the tutorial the most common widgets will be explained and you will gain a good. As you go through this tutorial, keep in mind that these are specific examples to help you see and learn FLTK. The most important piece of information you. I have posted the first (probably of several) tutorials about C++ and FlTk to help you do the project. These will be under Tutorials and the first.

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The code is located here. Ttutorial else requires a manual call of redraw. FLTK automatically adds the new box to windowthe current grouping widget.

LIB libraries to the “Link” settings. In other words, it makes it visible.

First off, we need to choose a button type for this button we are going to create. Once we have this included, we can procede to creating the button. Third, there is no range checking on the child int n. In other words, the program waits rutorial events to happen.

Copy the following lines of code into this file or get them off of the demo web page www. If you want to use the standard C main function as the entry point, FLTK includes a WinMain function that will call your main function for you.


However, I always like tutorixl learn by example so I coded a small program to display almost every event. Since we know that we want to treat mouse events differently, we are going to want to override the default code for the handle method.

We also draw a couple of shapes on the screen. Firefox is what I recommend to everyone.

Beginner FLTK Tutorial

The next line does the same thing but to the output widget. Next comes the ugly looking communication. Now lets look at how callbacks are done in classes.

See if you can follow what is occurring on the screen and how it is being accomplished in the code. What happens as fktk drag the mouse? Until you reach win.

C++ / FlTK Tutorial

This information is usually listed second, right after the class hierarchy. Listing 1 shows a simple “Hello, World! Also, the second inlined function doesn’t really need any input arguments as it already has access to everything. Type the following lines of code into this file.

The other window that will appear is your FLTK window tutorjal you have just created. Our purpose in this tutorial is to simulate the collisions of circular objects moving at constant speed. Hope you do too. But if you are a paranoid MS Windows futorial and don’t like downloading anything.


In this case, a reference to the button ‘but’ is passed. Download the “Hello World” video. So ‘but’ can use its base classes callback member function. We use these types in order to begin our GUI graphics library, which will allow us to separate the low-level code from our program.

You can name the function anything you like. They are most often used to monitor network connections sockets for data-driven displays.

FLTK tutorial

The x and y parameters determine where the widget or window is placed on the screen. FLTK provides a pretty simple way to handle keyboard events. The one thing that remains is the ability to add some basic components to your windows.

I generally try to name the callback function something intuitive. Therefore, I have access to the entire class in the callback with only the tiny overhead of passing an address!! For windows you can also provide the command-line arguments to allow users to customize the appearance, size, and position of your windows.

The solution is coming.

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