Cairngorm is a lightweight micro-architecture framework for Rich Internet Applications built in Flex or AIR, defining best-practices for a RIA. Instead of adding/mapping commands in AppController ‘s constructor. Declare it in initialize() function. Example is given below for your reference. public class. Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization.

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The execute method of SaveEmployeeEditsCommand does not use any delegates, as it just needs to add a newly inserted Employee to fllex model. This console allows you to monitor the internal flow of this framework in real time. Command When a View component fires an cairngoem, FrontController finds the Command class that was registered with this event and calls its method execute. You can download the source code of this application at http: The SaveEmployeeEditsEvent event is dispatched: Modularizing Flex applications is one of the major ways of minimizing the size of the downloadable Shockwave Flash SWF files.

From the learning curve perspective, none of the reviewed frameworks is overly difficult to master.

Enterprise Development with Flex by Yakov Fain, Anatole Tartakovsky, Victor Rasputnis

Declare it in initialize function. Cairngorm relies on central repositories of events, services, and models; Mate promotes decoupling fllex business logic, events, and services.

It promotes loose coupling between components by implementing dependency injection. Now trace how the employees flec arrive to the View. Employee List Without Frameworks.

Now you can create the view component and dispatch the event from it. Function calls do not have these issues and offer additional benefit-type checking of arguments and returned values.

If its still not working then try adding AppController on Application page. ArrayCollection; private function onCreationComplete: Adobe Flex application framework designed to start introduction of the Cairngorm framework. As opposed to Cairngorm, using Vairngorm in your application does not require developers to create many additional classes or components just to support the life cycle of the framework itself. I code a simple application slider.


Flex Cairngorm – Interacting with a Command, through an Event | Techode

The Controller tier is responsible for invoking appropriate code containing the business logic of cairnglrm application, which is implemented by using global FrontController and ServiceLocator classes as well as additional Command and Delegate classes. We prefer working with frameworks that offer enhanced Flex components rather than just separation of work among team members.

Double colons are used to specify the start and the end of the SQL statement. The value objects of the application have been placed in the folder called vo. Because each model located inside the ModelLocator is bound to a UI control, its content gets updated automatically. Sign up using Facebook. The Controller layer is implemented as flfx singleton FrontController. To Use or Not to Use Cairngorm?

You cairnform commenting using your Twitter account. If you use Eclipse 3.

Notify me of new comments via email. If this application has been built using Cairngorm, each of these modules becomes dependent on the central FrontController located in the main. Notify me of new comments via email. The Cairngorm framework is the mainstream framework for Flex application development, the framework is based on the MVC design cairngrom, it simplifies the application development model.

List of Flex frameworks

It’s been more than 5 years since I last used Cairngorm this is Cairngorm 2 right? Does it offer enhanced Flex components or just help with separation of responsibilities of developers?

Fill in fpex details below or click an icon to log in: Having no other choice but data binding for updating the UI may cause performance problems.

Have you noticed that the Command class has also reached for the AppModelLocator to be able to update the model? Each of these frameworks has the same goal: The application developers are not forced to do all of their plumbing exclusively via Mate and are free to use standard Flex event processing along with the EventMap object offered by Mate.


This is clearly overkill and an example of bad practice, because if you are the only developer working on a small one-view application, introducing any architectural framework is plain wrong.

Somehow fex all the service return information should have an object in the Model locator.

Using a centralized ModelLocator also makes multiple components dependent on the knowledge of the properties of the model.

All content here are my personal views and not those of my employer. Handling that process is the branch of code originated by the following call:. Modules let you split your application into several pieces, or modules. Adobe launched the Cairngorm cairgorm development framework.

Another line of business has to be handled by your application.

On the same note, changes in the UI are propagated to the server side through this business layer. Regardless of what framework you are going to use, separating various application components in project subfolders helps make the project more organized.

Unless you’ve inherited a legacy project, learning Cairngorm 2 is a waste of time. For these kinds of applications, all you need is the Flex framework and possibly one or two self-contained components. The List component flwx View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property.

1. Comparing Selected Flex Frameworks – Enterprise Development with Flex [Book]

Start Free Trial No credit card required. Now run the Ant script daoflex-build. Please note the use of four global objects:

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