‘A Fistful of TOWs’ (FFoT) is a set of rules for modern miniatures wargaming. It is designed around 6mm (micro armor) scale miniatures with each miniature (or. As I continue to “down scale” I am venturing into 6mm. I remembered trying A Fistful of Tows maybe 10 years ago – a demo ruleset with a strong. A Fistful of TOWs 3 – Free Preview – A free, more comprehensive sample of all the crunchy goodness packed into A Fistful of TOWs 3’s pages.

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Thanks for the review. Designed for play with miniatures from 2mm up to 15mm in scale with no modifications. This was for them really a no retreat situation. Typically about 60 cents a model, with large ones a bit more. Retrieved from ” https: You’ve got to have these,” he said, waving a set of small, silvery keys, tods fit into a lock on the Talon’s briefcase-sized controller.

FFT3 is a mammoth tome. In anticipation for this, I’ve started looking around for sci-fi miniatures. Now, the brigade wants 18 of the UGVs to watch the backs of its Stryker armored vehicles. Additionally, Scotia models seem to run small. It also has a gun with a longer range in Desert Storm, a Challenger killed an Iraqi tank five kilometers away than either the M1A2 or the Leopard 2. The tank defied American efforts to destroy it in place, and after being recovered had the turret replaced and was back with its unit in 24 hours.


A single switch causes the robot to reboot and return to safe mode. One in the nose would detect incoming RPGs and fire off a counterstrike. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.

A Fistful of TOWs

They were just out of range however. In practice, the robot would either be driven by a person with a joystick, or it would get around by itself by sticking to carefully preplanned routes. Braxen 20 May at The M-Gator is a six-wheeled, diesel mini-Jeep that soldiers use to schlep about 1, pounds of gear. The Leopard 2 has two 7.

That leaves the Big Three fill Western tanks. They had no choice but to hold out to the bitter end. Again, the first indication the Abrams is there will be when it fires — and well-trained Abrams crews are very accurate. And since Beard designed FFT to easily accommodate multiple players on a side, it usually takes the same amount of time to fight much larger battles.

Ideally, the REV would drive around on its own, with no help from human operators. This is a follow on to my previous post where I described a small solo game I put together to try Fistful of Tows 3. Clean and simple, the command system accurately models mechanized command and control, without a bunch of leader stands cluttering up the playing surface. The most likely candidates are western tank designs the M1 Abrams, the Challenger, the LeClerc, and the Leopard tpwswhich are much better on a tank-for-tank basis than Russian designs like the T and its descendants the T, T and T Infantry tend to dominate in built up areas and can be deadly in close quarters against unsupported vehicles.


If so, FFT3 is designed for you. Just like in the Real World. Each engine has its advantages and disadvantages.

A Fistful of TOWs

It does not appear that any new models have been added in the last two years, although they are if in production and their customer service is excellent. Unknown 8 November at Jake Collins’ Orders of Battle.

I think I agree with Harold, but I’d hasten to add that there is very little material diference in FFT terms anyone between these tanks. Views Read Edit View history. Their Ms are kind of dreadful.

A Fistful of TOWs | Miniature Wargame Rules for Modern Mechanized Warfare

As I continue to “down scale” I am venturing into 6mm. The Russians have hinted that they might try to issue the new ammunition to regular soldiers and not just special forces.

It has a range of about a half-mile in urban areas, more in the open desert.

It covers combined arms combat from to Do you like tanks? So the Israelis should have just been “Good” and the Syrians “Fair”. Fast to resolve and no pre-plotting required. A Fistful of TOWs. Apparently there was a new version, so out came the credit card

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