FILE-AID TUTORIAL REFERENCE STUDY MATERIAL HELP. DB2 DB2 3 UTILITIES F FILEAID 4 FOREGROUND FI FILEAID/IMS 5 BATCH I IMS FACILITY 6. Generate the JCL required to submit a File-AID/Batch job or any other non File- AID batch utility with File-AID’s Batch Submit utility (option ). Can anyone tell me the use of REFORMAT command??? does this reformat the input file based on the given copybook?? Below is the.

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The parameter is optional; if it is not specified, ufility three volume statuses are assumed. Action requests consist of the following: Separate multiple generic units with a comma.

IBM MAINFRAME: File Aid Tips & Frequently used commands

The member name can be up to eight characters long. Character or Binary Data Accumulation Syntax: Eliminates unwanted records from a dataset while copying it. Create Audit trail for changed record only. Most functions can be abbreviated to save keystrokes. ORIF begins a new set of selection.


REFORMAT command in FILEAID utility – JCL

Copies data selectively or nonselectively. How to handle different file length b Bits are not all ones. The next function then begins processing at that record. Use C to specify character data, utiljty X for hexadecimal data.

Alters records on a file. Do not include the Uitlity during record processing, and do not display it on output. Audit Trail Print Format Control: File-AID reads the records of the input dataset, tests each record for the condition specified in the control statement, and displays the results as shown in Figure Packed Decimal Data Accumulation Syntax: Default Include the RDW during record processing and display it on output.

Prints the audit trail file in formatted, character, or hexadecimal format. Also converts Release 7 saved selection criteria to Release 8 selection criteria format. Indicates movement or change of data. If the warehouse status location 69 is equal to “AVAIL”, total the quantity on hand packed field at location What is the difference between transaction a Change record format by reformatting any type of dataset that is, enlarge data fields, utilitg new data fields.


Browsing a Data File File-Aid: Specifies whether to include changed, inserted, deleted, and matched records in the Compare Detail Report. DROP Eliminates unwanted records from a dataset while copying it.


Prints the dataset containing selection criteria created from File-AID online functions. Syntax 3 replaces at an alternate location based on a condition.

Function Name Functions identify the action you want to perform on the input dataset. Thu Sep 22, 2: Fri Sep 16, Moves the current record pointer through the input file.

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