8 Results Visit ‘s Farid Esack Page and shop for all Farid Esack Books by Farid Esack . See search results for author “Farid Esack” in Books. this is the very core of Islam. Arifa Farid*. Farid Esack, Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism: An Islamic. Perspective of Inter-Religious Solidarity Against Oppression. The latest Tweets from Farid Esack (@FaridEsack). University of Johannesburg Academic, Board Member of @BDSsouthafrica. South Africa.

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The language of migrants Being a stranger in a second language. Attempts to debate with Muslims on Muslim ground, using Muslim categories, have an unnervingly poor record of securing conversions. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. At fraid nine, Esack joined the revivalist Tablighi Jamaat movement, and by age 10 he was teaching at a madrasah religious school.

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Accepting without discussion the liberal axiom that racism and ‘sexism’ are analogous forms of oppression, he demands the abolition of gender-related dimensions of Qur’anic legislation which conflict with modern liberal values. Also, to tarnish all Jews with the Zionist brush is racism regardless of who does it. What subjective Rahmanian ‘elan’ will shape the new exegesis? Given his language, his moral code, his disdain for the ‘the letter’ and preference for the ‘spirit’ however shallowly definedEsack has esacck closer to the New Testament than to the Quran.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Be not conformed unto this world.

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In Algeria, extremism will only diminish when a popular government is allowed to take power. A prominent consequence of this has been his interrogation of what he takes to be traditional Sunni verdicts on the religious efficacy of the Religions of the Book.

In Pakistan, Esack confronted the discrimination of Christians by Muslims. While still a child, he and his mother faric forcibly relocated as “non-Whites” under the provisions of the Group Areas Act. Views Read Edit View history. He does not, for instance, have to construct an exegesis to defuse such hadiths as ‘Each Jew or Christian who hears of me, and then does not believe my message, shall be one of the inhabitants of the Fire.


Ignoring the recent vindication of the hadith by Harald Motzki of Hamburg University, Esack plumps for a traditional scepticism a la Goldziher and Schacht, and announces that esac I do cite a hadith in support of a particular opinion, it is not because I believe that it is authentically the word of Muhammad, although that may indeed be the case; I cite a hadith because it reflects the presence of, and support for, the idea among earlier Muslims.

Kenneth Cragg has famously garid Islam’s alleged optimism about ‘political religion’ and the chances of reforming the deeply sinful structures of the world. Available for download now.

The contexts of Qur’anic faarid are mediated entirely by the hadith. As he noted in the introduction to his book On Being a Muslimsome of his fellow students later joined the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Farid Esack

Farid Esack has contended a few battles in his time, but maintained his sense of humour throughout. Algeria and South Africa, sitting at both extremes fwrid Africa, well reflect the social roots of anti- ijma zealotry.

Once the canon is broken, this year’s extremism is easily transformed into next year’s pioneering innovation.

Recent Western discussions of the theme, to the extent that they do not appear in Christian periodicals, are also ignored. Confronted with the eternal concomitants of liberal legislation and a pornographic media – South Africa is escak enduring a boom in the sex, drugs and crime industries – Muslims are recognising that the consensual Shari’a is a more coherent model of response than a hyperliberalism that having contributed to the problem, cannot be expected to solve it.

But this over-simplification of his views on Israel does little justice to the intellectual and activist, who champions human rights and tarid liberal reading of Islam, says Daniel Bax.

He grew up in South Africa in great frid in a Muslim single parent family, an experience that has had great influence on his vision of the world. A convicted left-wing terrorist, he spent 12 years behind bars. Low to High Price: How does the Eurpean Islam evolve?

Similar authors to follow

Introducing the Key Concepts project From religious tolerance to acceptance Having grown up with Christian neighbors, Esack became critical of discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan. Esack is here treading the path taken by earlier modernists, such as Ameer Ali, who a hundred years ago re-examined the Qur’an to discover in its pages the entire moral code of Victorian England.


Modern missionary establishments, nowadays politely wrapped in the veil of ‘dialogue’, prefer to convert Muslims farld to the use of Western Christian terminology and concerns, after which, it is thought, formal conversion will follow naturally.

The New Testament urges us to ‘resist not him that is evil’, and enjoins believers to postpone restitution until the imminent Second Coming.

Islam, by contrast, appears as intrinsically liberative, taking its cue from the patterns of the Sira. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Esack recognises that to defuse or bypass the apparently exack and traditionalist thrust ewack Muslim scripture requires an elaborate new hermeneutic.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This approach has provoked huge controversy in South Africa, particularly in connection with Esack’s advocacy of female imams in mosques. Daniel Bax is a Berlin-based journalist and writer. In the new South Africa, Esack seems set to essack a lone voice crying in the wilderness for a bygone age of simpler black-and-white certainties.

An antagonist to mainstream Islam will not find a Muslim publisher, and Esack has been obliged to publish with Oneworld, a darid Oxford house associated with Baha’ism, the Iranian messianic movement. Among secular thinkers this is today a common transformation, but in Esack’s case, his tutors have successfully secured a more interesting paradigm shift of a theological order.

But going so far as to label him an “anti-Semite”, dismissing him in the process, does not do justice to this intellectual and activist. The Israeli embassy requested that the University of Hamburg refrain from inviting Esack again.

But, bloody hell, own it; it’s yours!

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