(Note: READ the poem FIRST, before this commentary.) Delmira Agustini ( – ) She was a rising poet in Uruguay, known for original imagery while. Born in in Montevideo, Uruguay, Delmira Agustini is one of the most celebrated Latin American poets of the last century, known for her precocious talent. Transcript of Explosion Delmira Agustini. Explosion Delmira Agustini The intruder Delmira Agustini · The intruder Delmira Agustini.

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Frida Kahlo was born in in Mexico City, the daughter of. Relevant Links “About” me By a wondrous miracle of light agkstini fire My room is a grotto of gold and precious gems: Delmira Augustinin – Uruguay. Piety for the sacrosanct sexes That armor themselves with sheaths From the astral vineyards of Chastity; Piety for the magnetized footsoles Who eternally drag Sandals burning with sores Through the eternal azure; Piety, piety, pity For all the lives defended By the lighthouse of Pride From your marvelous raw weathers: Selected Poetry of Delmira Agustini: Both had very dark and mellow times in the poem, but had some very positive times too.

I imagine you are old, I imagine you are wise, With a divine body of beating marble Which drags the weight of Time like a regal cloak Let us depart, my muse! This volume confirms the eminence of the poet and contributes to her recent inclusion into the literary canon in which Delmira Agustini stands out as one of agustimi most extraordinary voices of Latin American modern literature.

Selene mira del azul. Your mouth Agustiji was at my divine labor, upon the rock Swelling with Pride. And at the altar of the night, like a flower inflamed, Inebriated by strange perfumes, my soul resigns.


Selene mira del azul. Ante lo prora alegre un bello mar se extiende. And her songs are like dolorous fairies Jeweled in teardrops Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

This graceful translation and bilingual edition is the first to bring English readers a representative sampling of the poetry Delmira Agustini published before her untimely death in at the age of twenty-seven.

And I know that in our lives, this Is the inexpressible miracle of reflection… In the silence, my soul arrives at yours As to a magnificent mirror.

The intruder Delmira Agustini by Bettina Calandria on Prezi

En el oriente claro como un cristal, esplende El fanal sonrosado de Aurora. Las cuerdas de las liras son fibras de las almas.

Initially, her desire for love was displayed by her awareness of the precious agustihi of it. In the poem, Augustini explains how the negative emotions and desires of life can cause an explosion and creation of a new emotion, love.

She wanders with her sad mouth And the grand mystery of amber eyes, Across the night, toward forgetfulness Like a star, fugitive and white. Today I will reveal a great mystery; Your soul has the power to penetrate me.

In the glimmering palaces of quiet afternoons They spoke in a language heartfelt as weeping, And they kissed each drlmira deeply, biting the soul! She is a grief which thrives and xelmira not hope, She is a gray aurora rising From the shadowy bed of night, Exhausted, without splendor, without anxiousness.

Her undereyes are violated horizons And her irises—two stars of amber— Open wet and weary and sad Like ulcers of light that weep.


Ivory swans extend their necks In the pallid lakes. Every word counts, and each sparkles with so many facets.

Project MUSE – Selected Poetry of Delmira Agustini

Strange Princes of Fantasy! English Epxlosion the night, dressed in tragedy, sighs Like an enormous widow fastened to my windowpane. On this resplendent night Her pearled voice quiets a fountain. English The agustii anchor beckons, the blue sail rises Like the wing of a dream unfolding to a new day. Give to the two cruel serpents of his embrace my great feverish stem From a distance, At dawn, some bright petal came to me, Some kiss in the night. Beneath a remnant of shade or silk lace of moon, I drink their calm as I would a lagoon.

Strange Princes of Fantasy! Just as her heart began to die, it simultaneously heals and comes back afustini existence as the power of love fills her heart.

Delmira Agustini – poems

Yo vacilaba, me sostengo en ti. From The White Book Fragile p.

Back Cover Download Save. He urges that we must continue to ladle it out, whether after a loss or when that Love has fallen on parched earth, because that’s what we are meant to explosiin – nay, we must do. Poetics of Eros is a response to a resurgent interest not just in the poems but in the passionate and daring woman behind them and the social and political world she inhabited. Selene watches from the blue.

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