I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Savior’s Army Cultist is also one of the few backgrounds that doesn’t grant any form of weapon or armor proficiency.

Thirty exods later, civilization is slowly getting back on its feet, but raiders, slavers and cultists are making this difficult. Next Time We’re finally there, the factions section.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks : 4 HOUR GAMES ! , The Art of Games

Here there are five level advanced classes and advanced classes that cannot be tpg until further on than level 4, which I assume is a holdout from being more familiar with Dungeons and Dragons prestige classes, but it could be worse. Oh hey, more redundancy. A craven with eyes three times as big as a normal human.

The setting is the post-apocalyptic American Southwest 32 years after the Great Last War between the United States and communist China left everything in radiation-baked ruins. New gangs have to pay a fee and follow the direct orders of a member gang for a period of time being fully inducted into the Union, taking on the symbol that marks all of its members: We’ve finally reached the big chapter of the Southwest Wasteland Guide that I’ve been bestiry for.

Then this is actually the talent tree for you. The front of an 18 wheeler, with the back stated to be almost impossible to find thanks to how enticing a target they are for scavengers. Their jaws impart a number of RADs equal to how much bite damage they delivered. Not that I’m complaining about having to look at less skills and feats, mind you, I’m just curious why these weren’t rolled into being parts of the eexodus chapter or something. On the backgrounds end, you can be a cultist of the Holy Friars of the Refinery or the Monks of Chuck Norris Walker, a first-class “National” or second-class “Provincial” citizen of the reborn post-apocalyptic Texan nation, or the child of a Desert Ranger, while the occupations list is made up of Cowboy, Gambler, Prospector, and Politician.


Sneak attack on a character that’s got full BAB progression and stealth bonuses? The Wasteland is filled with merciless foes such as the giant green-skinned Trans-Genetic Mutants and drug-running Khans of Las Vegas and potential allies such as the legendary longcoat-clad Desert Rangers or the mighty Steel Disciples and their arsenal of energy weapons and power armor.

Surely you don’t know that already” and is generally really boring. No, that’s not right at all, you rpt person. After the Exodus, evolution took place, with the help of radioactivity and toxic waste, the ROUS or commonly called “giant rats” appeared in the wasteland.

Most Steel Disciples combat engagements usually go in their favor despite disparity in numbers, simply because they have the best toys: The Three Laws for actual members of the Techno-Reapers are that they must find at least one piece of advanced technology in the Wasteland and learn all of its workings, must protect and preserve all technology, and must leave the order and be subject to the First Law of Gulag if they fail either of the other two laws.

The Vegas Mafia has ties to all of the other villain organizations and is opposed rpgg the Desert Rangers and the Tribal Nation.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks

Steel Disciples almost never expand exodsu central command structure, and even the growth of their lower ranks is slow due to their overly strict and rigid induction policies. The after-effects betsiary a -2 to Constitution and the Exhausted status condition.

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The tree has its own pool of HP 20, to be precise and can be struck with a called shot at a -6 penalty to the attack roll, but if it’s destroyed it will regrow three months later rather than disappear forever. A Cavalier has full Base Attack Bonus progression, d10 hit die, and decent Reflex and Fortitude saves, but poor Will saves, and gets various bonuses to deception-related skills and combat in urban areas.

These early experiments were failures, however, with the experiments going insane and escaping into the wild where they would become the source of Bigfoot legends. They are omnivores, but especially like the taste of rodents and beef jerky because of course they doand can have as varied a temperament and level of willingness to socialize as normal humans.

The next couple of posts will be looking at how that turned out. One of Johnson’s followers, a pop culture collector named Robert Ricky, then used Chuck Norris memes and episodes of Walker: They’re proficient with just about any kind of weapon and armor you could wish for, and also get a big grab bag of skills related to influencing others, knowing what’s up concerning just about anything, and a smattering of hunter-gatherer skills like Search and Survival.

Full Base Attack Bonus progression contrasted with Reflex saves being their poor progression is combined with a set of skills unsurprisingly geared toward combat. Barter allows you to get the ball somewhat closer to your own playing field, or at least try to. And what of class features?

As an NPC race they’re fine, but I can’t imagine wanting to play a horrific predatory cannibal redneck with a severe Intelligence penalty.

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