Prisoner of My Desire has ratings and reviews. Danielle said: With the premise of the heroine raping the hero—this is just one of those books. by Johanna Lindsey First published Sort by Esclava del deseo ( Paperback). Published July 1st . Le catene del desiderio (Hardcover). Published. As with Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey doesn`t have an official website Blog about Johanna Lindsey “Prisoner of my desire” (Esclava del deseo).

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Confessions of a Bookaholic: Johanna Lindsey

He is cranky, rude and despicable. I guess you could say like Rowena, I fell in love with Warrick page by page, little by little and a bit unexpectedly. Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. Used and abused, he finally is unshackled, given clothes and sent on his way.

But still I write, knowing and not caring that it will never get published. Bywith over 58 Million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, with translations appearing in 12 languages, Johanna Lindsey is one of the world’s most popular authors of historical romance.

The word gets thrown around that the value of the word is lessen because its such a strong word and women who have been through such a very violent act would read some of these books and think no way can it compare to what they have been through. There are many concessions I allow in historical romances—rape being one of them. Everyone was split into two camps: Been a while since i’ve read Johanna Lindsey but i’m glad i gave this one a chance. May 16, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 24, Salena rated it did not like it.

And even though what she had to do to Lord Warrick wasn’t her idea, she had to do what she had to do. What happened to the guy from the beginning of the book?? Rowena has sex with him to get pregnant. It was incredibly heartwarming and made me teary-eyed. The hero when gets a chance to escape, he comes back and takes her prisoner believing her to be an immoral woman and seeks to exact revenge by raping her in return.


Rowena, pulling on her experience overseeing her own castle, transforms Warrick’s stronghold in the seamless way that so many romance heroines innately possess. Rowena, seeing her mum suffering, agrees to the horrible deed. I was so curious how this was going to turn into a romance Is this one of my favorite JL romances, or even hero?

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I really enjoyed it and struggled to tear my eyes away from my kindle. And of those who do only a select few will ever gain notoriety.

Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. It’s dealt with very interestingly, and from a deep character perspective, but I just can’t get on board the plot. It’s really unbelievable and I was anxious about how it was all going to work.

I just wish that Warrick wasn’t such a hardass and actually listened to her explanations. Jan 05, Kynthos-the-Archer Kyn rated it really liked it Johwnna Mar 14, Leona rated it liked it Shelves: I may be saying bad things about this book, but I honestly really liked it.

Now that I think about it the same could be said about Warrick who did horrible things to the h sometimes yet did incredibly nice things for her too. I mean, from a very logical POV I have to admire the subject matter, the original take on the tropes.

dfl Though I don’t think it’s a five star read, I am definitely glad I invested the time to read it. The story gave me all the warm and fuzzies and who wants to put a pause on that?

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limdsey As he says ‘Like For Like’. Is this her best captive romance? The old Lord, wrinkled, blind and deaf is keen for the bedding but luckily keels over after the wedding but before the bedding.


I could NOT put my Kindle down. It was a twisted relationship which I guiltily enjoyed reading much like watching an episode on Jerry Springer and although I could never fathom such a union, the emotions and feelings were powerful.

Warrick, Lord Fulkhurst, was on the way to claim a new bride. But what ensues the revenge was a lesson a hardened warrior learns in love. I didn’t quite like all of them because there were a couple with heros and ow and I hated that but this one was good. There were no real bad guys, but lots of men doing bad things, thinking that they have the right to. Johanna Lindsey is a new author for me and it thrills me to say I will be Another favorite! Warrick escapes, returns to capture Rowena, and sends her to his dungeon.

So he would take his revenge on the woman who captured him, had him chained to a bed and forced herself on him, stealing his seed. I’ll start this review by saying that for the last six months I’ve been working on writing a book of my own.

Nov 10, Karen rated it it was amazing. Yet all the while he plans a fitting revenge–eagerly awaiting the time when his sensuous captor becomes his helpless captive And the magnificent Warrick deChaville is the perfect choice to sire her child–though it means imprisoning the handsome knight Rowena’s brother isn’t too bad either – just kinda dumb.

A activation email has been sent to you. They were playing mind games with each other of one-upmanship. Gw gak bisa tahan ketawa di bagian ini Eventually they thaw out and accuse each other of this and that, and there’s a plentiful cast of secondary characters with their own subplots.

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