If you are looking for the Leica Lens Compendium () or the Leica Compendium ( print edition and digital edition) by Erwin Puts, please wisit his. Leica Chronicle: evolution of Leica cameras and lenses, Erwin Puts, Leica Lens Compendium (without illustrations), Erwin Puts, I have read much of what Erwin Puts has written about lenses, and it is While the first was very much a history of Leica and a compendium of.

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The first hidden assumption is the idea that the sum of all features of all cameras will make the perfect camera. Erwin Puts’ latest book is now available for order.

The M-E economy, Einsteiger whatever you wish is a fine camera, but presumably will score only with its lower price for new buyers into the Leica M system.

Apple is slowly shifting to the design part of the equation. One may claim to be the rightful heir of the Leica myths, but one has to show that one deserves it.

They conveniently want to forget and the manufacturers encourage them to think that they can forget that pictures are made in the globe that resides between the ears. This ckmpendium however restricts the number of optical corrections that can be made to the design to render the most realistic image possible.

Shots against the light are generally more effective than with the light behind you.

As Ive asked you before, please keep your hate off my threads. The lens is now the iconic Summilux-M 1: Densitometer measurements however show that the tonal differences between two steps in the grey scale are limited to about a hundred. Leitz Summilux-M [Lens design by Dr.


The choice of RAW developers has all characteristics of the old discussion between film types compenddium developers: The iPod was one and the iPhone was another one because both these products changed the behavior of the consumers and as a consequence the structure and the future of the markets. It seems like it is an improvement over prior M’s. The total production run is limited to pieces.

M-body evolution erwih chronological order: The peak performance of Leica may be compared to a pyramid: It is because of this “beam splitting” that you have to use Circular Polarizing filters on R cameras in order to obtain correct light meter readings.

Leica Downloads – Books, Brochures and Price Lists

Summicron I [Lens design by Dr. Thus, I have a personal print size limit of Studies have indicated that many of our activities eating, gaming, shopping stimulate the same pleasure centre that is also activated when we engage in sexual activities.

The camera is composed of carefully selected components already on the market. With this strategy Leica followed in the footsteps of Nikon, the company that started as a premium manufacturer of professional photographic compendiym and expanded its range with equipment for the amateur snap-shooter that ocmpendium the name of that species of photographers. I sooooo know how these forums work.

The situation for Nikon is comparable: The optical performance of the M has been equalled and sometimes even improved upon by the X-vario system. There is almost unanimity among analysts and reviewers excepting the few who assume that more pixels equates with better imagery that for most photographic assignments and print sizes the APS-C sensor delivers compendiuk performance one needs.


This question compndium be answered almost instantly with a yes and the argumentation goes along these lines: Porsche was not successful with the expansion in the higher-volume, lower priced segment of the market and restricted the product expansion to the domain they knew best: The true disruptive force is the video technology being incorporated in every major photographic camera design.

A short inspection of the camera brings up that the so-called focus peaking is an effective method of fast focusing, but one needs to get accustomed to the idea that a fine red line in the image area locates the sharpness plane.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

Leica in the digital age has again become a niche product for the cognoscenti and a select group of professionals. Truly innovative products are lacking and the tsunami of improved and upgraded products in ever shorter product cycles can no longer hide the fact that lems engine of innovation is running on low power.

In many cases the Swiss all-purpose tool is just good enough for the average tasks, but it certainly is no substitute for the most demanding jobs.

But do we need innovation in an industry that has hardly changed since ? In addition you can choose the monochrome sliders to create a black and white image, or Silver Efex or DxO filmpack 4.

iPhone X