Satie, Erik Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano – Download Sports et divertissements by Erik Satie for free from

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Sayie the work was first published, it appeared with in Satie ‘s own hand, the music written in his idiomatic, calligraphic style, with red and black ink.

Satie – Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano –

In Satie’s playfully literal idea of the children’s game, four mice tease a cat, with predictable results. These bibliophile volumes were not for sale but were reserved for the Librairie Maynial. Davis, “Erik Satie”, Reaktion Books,p. Views Read Edit View history. Some investigations into Erik Satie. Old English colonels especially excel at it.

A man leads a woman into the eports, cautioning her, “Don’t sit at the bottom.

An impetuous man tries to seduce an uninterested woman by telling her “nice things InDover Publications issued Satie’s facsimiles together with black-and-white reproductions of Martin’s illustrations as a trade paperback, and this is probably the best known English drik.

Translated from the original French edition published by Rieder, Paris, Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

The piece features another quote from Bizet’s Jeux d’enfants on the same subject Les quatre coins. Satie mirthfully defined the result as a new sport, “Russian tennis”, which he predicted would become eik the rage. In half-notes, bass octaves.

Babar the Little Elephant.

Satie – Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano

I have put into it everything I know about Diverrtissements. Satie’s first-person narrative is one of his most whimsical literary creations, an absurdist nature-setting in which rabbits sing, nightingales hide in burrows, and owls breast-feed their young.

Although he was offered a lesser amount than Stravinsky, Satie claimed it was excessive and against his moral principles to accept; only when the fee was substantially reduced did he agree to the project.


Sports et divertissements is a collection of 21 pieces for piano. It was conceived as a haute couture version of the livre d’artiste “artist’s book”a sumptuous, expensive collector’s album combining art, dovertissements, and occasionally music, which was popular among French connoisseurs in the years before World War I.

Thus, again from Whiting, erjk the relation of Satie’s music to his own texts is quite close, the relation of music to drawing is more elusive.

Sports et divertissements Sports and Pastimes is a cycle of 21 short piano pieces composed in by Erik Satie. The Writings of Erik Satie”, p. The very rare first set, copies 1 to 10, included both Martin’s original illustrations and his pochoir prints, his engraved Table of Contents and individual title pages, and cameos decorating the latter.

For example, in “Le Water-Chute,” Satie depicts a waterfall with obvious descending scales; in “La Peche,” the struggle between a fisherman and his would-be catch is depicted through the use of subtle ostinatos suggesting water, and short, skittish musical figures suggesting darting fish.

A “pretty lady passenger” is not amused by the rough weather. Costumed revelers pose swtie jostle one another, including a drunken Pierrot who is behaving obnoxiously. The set consists of a prefatory chorale and 20 musical vignettes depicting various sports and leisure activities. The landscape is very cold and doesn’t know what to do with itself. Divertiissements Featured Composition Noteworthy. For critics and musicologists alike, Sports et divertissements is generally regarded as one of Satie ‘s best and most important works, for it represents, finally, the amalgamation of most of the stylistic idioms th composer had been developing in the years preceding this work.

New York in the sOxford University Press,p. Music, Fashion, and Modernism”, p.

Peter Fletcher Plays Erik Satie. Erik Satie Compositeur de Musique. Satie and His Songs. For over 80 years most of Martin’s illustrations were known only to a handful satiee private collectors and interested scholars.


Sports et divertissements (Sports and diversions), pieces (21) for piano

As a final joke the repeat signs at the beginning and end of the score indicate the piece is to be played ad infinitumpresenting a hellish eternity of musical monotony. The order of the pieces from the original edition onwards was chosen by Vogel and does not reflect Satie’s preferences. Music, Fashion, and Modernism”, pp. Since then performances of Sports for voice and piano have been supplemented by arrangements for “speaker and ensemble,” including chamber orchestra versions by composers Dominic Muldowney and David Bruce It is also important to note that, along with the poetry, calligraphy, and commentary, each piece of music is accompanied by a tiny sketch.

List of compositions by Erik Satie Portal: He is mocked with a courtly, ornamented tune that quickly goes awry with displaced accompaniments and ambiguous harmonies. Extramusical commentary was becoming increasingly prominent in his keyboard works of the period, and in Sports he indulged this by writing a surrealistic prose poem on each theme; he then meticulously calligraphed these into his India ink scores, in black ink for the notes and words and red ink for the staves.

Author Blaise Cendrars recalled a experience helping the composer cash a large check in Eruk and then divertissejents to get him safely home with the money, while Satie insisted on stopping for meals, drinks, and to stock up on cigars and his favorite detachable collars of which he bought a gross.

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