The Energization Exercises, originated by Paramahansa Yogananda and taught in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons (q.v.), enable man to recharge his body. Energization exercises are the unique contribution of Yogananda to the science of yoga. They are a system of exercises that teach us to use the power of the will . So take the Challenge: Dive deep into the renowned Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you already know the Energization Exercises, this is .

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With elbows bent and hands in a relaxed fist position facing forward, draw your hands towards your upper chest and shoulder area.

30-Day Energization Challenge

Repeat the exercise, this time maintaining the tension at a medium level in each part, as you slowly inhale. My Account Accommodations Directions.

Phase 1 Tense the entire body simultaneously. November 19, at 7: Finally, double exhale as you relax them down to the waist. Your blog was well-written and very well researched, that is certainly greatly treasured.

It knows how to run the cells, convert food to energy, and many other functions. Feel the energy vibrating there, energizing and revitalizing.

I shudder to think what sacred dogs I may have unintentionally created over the years. The breathing is as follows: End by coming down off your toes and relaxing the arms, first to your chest and then lowering your hands to your sides. We are directing consciousness and energy within.


Picture the energy coming into the medulla and going to the body part. They also prepare the body for meditation.


Phase 5 will be completely new to most of you; it was yogajanda me. Feel relaxed, peaceful, and energized. Three times in one direction, then repeat three in the other, relaxing momentarily in between.

Importance of Energization Exercises The Energization Exercises are one of exercisrs most grossly overlooked techniques. With your hips stationary, and keeping the arch in your back with low tension in your lower backrotate your trunk in small circles. An infinite dynamo constantly infuses our body with peace, energy, and happiness.

Right, he tied a dog to a post. So do these exercises with devotion. Bend forward at the hips and arch your back slightly.

Energization Exercises (2)

Rotate your hands around each other as we do when we do the healing prayer for others. By command of will, direct the life energy through the process of tension to flood the body or any body part.

I actually am at all times looking for new websites to follow and browse on a regular basis. Double inhale as you extend the arms above your head.

This happens with virtually every yoga technique.

Energization Exercises – Paramhansa Yogananda and the Path of Kriya Yoga

Why not untie them and let them go, both for your sake and the sake of your students? Decades later, Naresh passed away, and Sajiv was to perform the ceremony. Twist your upper body, shoulders, and arms in one direction while you twist your hips and lower body slightly in the opposite direction a quick yet smooth motion. Then bring your fists to chest level.


Dive deep into the renowned Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda. Softly double exhale as you extend your arms and hands in front, and hold them there. Tense with will, relax with feel. FEEL that you are made of that cosmic life force”.

These atoms have been to all kinds of places before they became our bodies: Control the energy and you can control the states of consciousness. Gradually tense and relax each of the twenty body parts individually, alternating from left to right: If you already know the Energization Exercises, this is your ticket to greater results.

If you have already taken the Challenge sign-up again here and choose the Re-energize option in the subscriber preferences.

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