Endeca MDEX Engine Basic Development Guide Version • March Guide and are familiar with the Endeca terminology and basic concepts. Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to. Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle Read more about dimension, record, endeca, mdex, query and engine.

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The Endeca software packages contain the following API sets: Sets the terms by which the relevance ranking module will order the records.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide

Aggregated basuc are a prerequisite to derived properties. You set the dynamic refinement configuration at the dimension value level that you want to control. Use Developer Studio to configure the appropriate property type. It is very important for the disabled refinements features that the order of dimension values on the page remain the same in order to present a good user experience.

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The default query where Ne is not used is intended to developkent computational performance of the MDEX Engine, as well as reduce the resulting object and final rendered page sizes. No other rights are granted to the U.

Browsers should always connect to your application through an application server. The derived property used to obtain the price in this example would be configured to apply a minimum function to the Price property.

No other rights are granted to the U. For more developmeht on ranking, see the Developer Studio online help.

The search key can also be a search interface. In general, if wildcard search is enabled in the MDEX Engine even if it is not used by the usersit increases the time and disk space required for indexing.

The Edneca editor provides three temporal property types: Methods for transforming requests into queries A diagram in this topic illustrates how application modules transform a client browser request into an MDEX Engine query. Format the query results and return them to the client browser. After a derived property is created, the resultant derived property is assigned to the aggregated record.


Troubleshooting range filter problems This topic presents some approaches to solving range filter problems. For navigation requests, controller forwards the request to the nav module.

Properties generally contain more detail about a record than the higher-level dimension values used for navigation.

If you use this software or hardware in dangerous applications, then you shall be responsible to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, redundancy, and other measures to ensure its safe use. The snippet property appears with a rndeca only on a record list page.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle –

An aggregated Endeca record is a collection of individual records that have been rolled up based on a rollup key an Endeca property or dimension name. Therefore, it is possible for a user to make a dead-end request when using a range filter. There is no effect on Forge or Dgidx processing time or indexing space requirements on your hard disk. Object Navigation Dependency N Examples The first example illustrates a query that enables disabled refinements to be returned. Each row displays some identifying information about that specific record, such as a name, title, or identification number.

wcs: Endeca: A Simple developer OverView

To retrieve a list of aggregated records returned by the navigation query, as an AggrERecList object, use: NET environments only; this is indicated in the module description. Note the following in the examples: The other parameter required in most cases to render navigation refinements is the Ne Exposed Refinements parameter.

This Ntx snippet shows the use of an asterisk in the query: Depending on property mapper settings, you can handle each source data property as follows: Note that there is no explicit text search descriptor API object, so displays of text search descriptors need to be extracted from the current query.

Basically, user query terms are required to match exactly against indexed forms of the words in the source text to result in matches. It also enables non-technical business users to deliver targeted, user-centric online experiences in a scalable way — creating always-relevant customer interactions that increase conversion rates and accelerate cross-channel sales. Evaluate each page element and decide which UI reference implementation module, if any, is the closest match to the functionality required.


The physical representation of the wine data can be presented as follows: GetDimension With these calls, the application is able to assess whether the current group is implicit having an ID of zero or explicit having an ID greater than zero. This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws.

If Type is set to this: This parameter has no meaning unless counts are enabled with Drc. In some cases, the modules may also edit the extracted parameters or add additional parameters, as necessary. The rollup key used to create the aggregated Endeca record. GetOrder ; Dynamic properties created by geocode sorts When a geospatial sort is applied to a navigation query, developmeht MDEX Engine creates a pair of dynamic properties for each record returned. The general procedure is: The UI reference implementation is: DateTime values are stored as bit integers.

Troubleshooting derived properties A derived property can derive from either a property or a dimension. For example, a search query for ice-cream will replace the hyphen a punctuation character with white space and return only records with this text: Configuring the pipeline for a geocode property Dgidx accepts geocode data in the form: You assign property types in Developer Basc.

No changes are endecx to existing Forge pipelines. Application name specified in this step will be used in the Developer Studio when creating the scripts for the data foundry ITL process Note:

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