GNU Calc Reference Card. (for GNU Emacs version 26). Starting and Stopping start/stop standard Calc. C-x * c start/stop X keypad Calc. C-x * k start/stop either: . Starting Emacs To enter Emacs, just type its name: emacs To read in a file to edit, see Files, below. Leaving Emacs suspend Emacs (the usual way of leaving it). GNU Emacs Reference Card. (for version 18). Starting Emacs. To enter Emacs, just type its name: emacs. To read in a le to edit, see Files, below. Leaving.

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There is an informal convention that major modes use C-c as refard prefix, so this is a reasonable thing to try. It is like running C-c C-c see below repeatedly, but with just a single key binding.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If you have LaTeX mode on in an empty file, this will default to the document environment, and prompt you for a documentclass. To make a new snippet: You can use this key binding also to delete all auxiliary files created during compilation Clean and Clean all actions. A sub-reddit for the timeless and infinitely powerful editor.


Package: lang/lisp/util/emacs/refcard/

C-c C-m insert macro warning: M-x list-packages and choose yas-snippet. I use the font selection commands a lot, e. Not strictly about key-bindings, but Orgmode Tables is really very cool. C-c C-e figure gets you a figure environment. Log in or sign up in seconds.

In addition to what Seamus mentioned: Space Go to the selected header, don’t hide the toc buffer. So doing that while the active buffer is a tex file should give you the auctex bindings.

Each Emacs major mode typically redefines a few keys and makes other changes in how editing works. There is a great package called yas-snippet which can facilitate many things one does while editing TeX files in Emacs. C-c C-f C-c – same thing for small caps etc. Home Emasc Tags Users Unanswered. It’s like a compose key for LaTeX mathmode. Want to see what Emacs is capable of?!

For example I like using easy-todo for notes. Thnx for the tip anyway! C-c [ insert citation with key selection lets you search through your bibliographic references and then insert also C-u C-c [ – same thing but prompts for optional arguments.

RET Go to the selected header and hide the toc buffer. Sign up using Facebook. I might write up a CW answer containing all the information below sorted by topic. If something like this is not around, maybe having a wiki here would be a nice emxcs. Now for some details.


ARCHIVED: Where can I find help with Emacs?

I am looking for those that people here use often. Submit a new text post. To install in Emacs 24 just do: C-h m will give you all the major mode fefcard. Please add the best tricks to it! Email Required, but never shown.

Where can I find help with Emacs?

Are you aware of a place where these can be found? Of course one wants to use C-c. C-h m describe-mode displays documentation on the current major mode, which normally describes the commands and features that are changed in this mode. You can easily learn about them through menu-bar M-x menu-bar-mode if it is emafs enabled.

You might also want the generic emacs one here.

Want to add to the discussion? Sign up using Email and Password. C-h m is useful for identifying bindings provided by the current major editing mode.

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