Ed Greenwood is the bestselling author of the Band of Four series and creator of the bestselling and award-winning Forgotten Realms role-playing campaign. Gods and mortals alike succumb to gambling fever aboard the Peace of Boona on its yearly baccarat cruise, and would-be lovers Max and Eleanor, children of. It appears as if Elminster in hell is just going to be another endless sludge of Elminster remembering things and getting ripped apart by a demon, and more fights.

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Greenwood seems to be obsessed with the idea that rampant magical destruction is to yell literature as ink is to making marks on paper. The rest of the novel moves back and forth between Elminster’s sometimes fragmentary memories and present-time events. Learn some subtlety man, it’s not the power, it’s how it’s used.

Before I begin this, I would jn to stress that I have not finished this book yet. Trivia About Elminster in Hell By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. It’s been a long time since I gave Greenwood a four star review, but in this book he actually played up his strong points I love the character Elminster: I have an idea for a plot, lets put Elminster at the mercy of an insanely powerful creature bent on discovering the secrets of silver fire and then have Toril’s elite magic users, including a goddess come to the rescue of the old man.

The book was good but it gets a little confusing. Overall, I found this quite an enjoyable romp, and am looking forward to some more of the same in the near future. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And by the ratings, It looks like I’m not the only one.

Not horrible, not fantastic. At the beginning, I almost abandoned the book, not sure what to make of it, but I stuck with it. The Knights of Myth Drannor were also close friends and confidants, and two or three knights were always in Shadowdale in case it was in peril. And in the end, basically nothing has happened that has long term bearing on the world or the characters. Come on, these are supposed to be respected people, is it that harder to write “minster” after “El”, but I suppose now I am just knitpicking.


The narrator did a good job of making the characters’ voices different. The framing device is strange, hopping back and forth between the thoughts of Elminster and those of the arch-fiend Nergal who has captured him.

Elminster in Hell

Elminster aids the player’s party from Limbo, elminsger advice and direction and shuttling them back and forth between the dimensions they must travel in order to undo Bane’s plot. Elminster is the man! How can they publish this kind of crap?

Please review your cart. Child of a Mad God. Elminster in Myth Drannor. The hekl of evil tried to rally in Elminster’s absence, but the other Chosen, the Knights of Myth Drannor, and the Rangers Three held them at bay until he eelminster. That said, here we go. Surprise, surprise, hundreds of Hell’s best and brightest are destroyed.

I especially like the part where Mystra destroyes Thousands of demons instantly. I couldn’t even finish this piece of crap! Really an amazing feat, and a difficult one at that – and a feat I think Greenwood succeeds in pulling off. A fact of which I’m most certainly not envious, why should I be?

He can portray himself as a tricksterrakestern father figure, fool, or any other stereotype that he wants to assume, depending on what he elminnster to accomplish or what reaction he wants to elicit from those around him. He was going to have to spend all of his magic healing this rift, for the love of Toril that so seldom loved him, be burned and blasted in the doing, perhaps fail and be torn apart – and if he succeeded, his reward would be to plunge at the last down into Avernus, bereft of spells and defenseless.


Elminster 4 by Ed Greenwood. The story jumps around, the plot is difficult to follow and the characters are more and more caricatures. Open Preview See a Problem? Sep 15, Menu rated it did not like it. Elminster 4Forgotten Realms.

Mar 30, Mike rated it it was ok. In this novel, Elminster travels to the city of Cormanthor. Want to Read saving…. August hardcover May paperback. Curse of the Shadowmage.

Elminster in Hell : Ed Greenwood :

Kiser rated it it was amazing. In the time that followed, Elminster learned helll about magic from Myrjala, reaching the point where he could finish taking his revenge against the evil magelords who had usurped the kingdom. Elminster is a great idea of a character, the problem is that he is effectively the alter-ego of Greenwood who in fact claims he is not, and that Mirt is his alter-ego.

Ashes of the Tyrant. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Greenwood himself was included in the stories as a character, sequestered in hidden locations in order to eavesdrop and take the notes from which the stories were supposedly written later. The last hundred pages is pretty good. Later, an avatar of Mystra who went by the name Myrjala “Darkeyes” trained Elmara in the ways of a mage and brought her to elminstet ancient Netherese arcanist who taught Elmara a spell that would transform her back into Elminster.

This last fact is kind of sad, since the whole series is supposed to expose this key character’s centuries of back story.

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