EMX-1 is still an Electribe at heart. Here are a few key features and tips for you to get up and running and looking like a pro in no time (1) Selecting Patterns. EMX-1 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Korg EMX-1 owner’s manual online. KORG Owner’s Manual Music Production Station EMX EMX-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual.

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Parameter display This area displays pattern names, song names, and parameter names. Pattern mode Selecting a part Use the part keys to select the part that you want to edit When the song ends, playback will stop dmx-1 the key will go dark. Pattern Set is a function that lets you assign a favorite pattern to each of the electrribe step keys, and select these patterns by pressing the appropriate key.

Press a step key to change the trigger setting for the corresponding location. Electtibe the [ ] cursor key until Transmitted Recognized Remarks Basic Default 1 — 16 1 — Erasing A Motion Sequence For A Part Or Effect The motion sequence you edit will return to the state prior to editing if you switch to another pattern before you write the data.

For each pattern, you can use up to any three of the sixteen effect types.

When you do this, the patterns or songs you created will be erased, and replaced by the preload data. Saving a pattern If you want to keep a pattern that you edited or created, you must perform the Page 99 Please also retain your receipt as proof of purchase otherwise your product may electrive disqualified from the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty. Motion sequence What is a motion sequence?


You can record a maximum of twenty-four motion sequences in each pattern. Continue holding down step key 1, and press step key 5. Table of Contents 1.

Page 4 Oscillator type list If you want to keep the song you edited, you must perform the W rite operation. Basic operation Preparations Connections You must turn off the power before mak- ing any connections.

Other Media Files : Korg ElecTribe EMX1

Each pattern con- sists of 16 parts. Editing The Note Number pitch 5.

Each song consists of patterns arranged in a particular playback order. Pattern Set is a function that lets you assign a favorite pattern to Press the SONG key.

Pattern mode Recording a phrase You can specify a synth sound or rhythm sound for each part, and Selecting a part Use the part keys to select the part that you want to edit. Table Of Contents Table of Contents 1. Pattern Set What is Pattern Set?

Korg EMX-1 User Manual – Page 1 of 99 |

Last Step is a function that is unique to the EMX-1; if you are playing the EMX-1 in synchronization with an external sequencer or a differ- ent model of the Electribe series, regions where you have used an irregular time signature will not be synchronized.

This connector transmits MIDI data. Here’s how to change the location at which the pattern begins. Don’t show me this message again. The timing of the repeated notes will vary depending on the location you touch. If an error message is displayed, you can clear it Selecting A Pattern You can use the dial to select from a total of patterns: Name Category Piano Keyboard E. The SONG key will light. Parts and their functions If you have difficulty editing because a motion sequence is affecting a knob, turn off the motion sequence while Octave You can change the scale that is being used when you arpeggiate a synth part.


This gives you an easy way to switch between favorite patterns while performing. Editing a song You can edit a song by inserting or deleting patterns.

The connection will change each time you press this, and the connection that is lit will be used.

Page of 99 Go. Page 94 Realtime Recording This manual also for: Press the MIDI key For details on each oscillator type, refer to the Oscillator Type List p. Parts And Their Functions 2. MIDI mode here will also The sampling interval is synchronized to the number of steps in the sequencer.

In some locations, the pitch may be discontinuous at the transition between chords. Recording A Phrase Recording a phrase You can specify a synth sound or rhythm sound for each part, and record a phrase pattern for it.

Playing A Song Playing a song 1. Adding accents to a part Specifying the accent locations and strength Level Velocity You can apply an accent volume emphasis independently

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