Transcript of Rubén Darío: El Rey Burgués. enero 18, en Matapa, Nicaragua – El Salvador – Nicaragua – Chile – su primer libro. El rey burgués. Front Cover. Rubén Darío El rey burgues · Ruben Dario Limited preview – Bibliographic information. QR code for El rey burgués. Rubén Darío es, en efecto, un poeta de esquisito temperamento artístico que .. ¡El burgués hecho rey, dueño del oro y del mando, ve al poeta y lo coloca más.

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The definition that he gives of Modernismo in the introduction that he wrote in for a volume of Tradiciones Peruanas by Ricardo Palma shows the progress he had already made in the new direc- tion: The metric is classic [20] and the tone is predominantly romantic. A precocious reader according to his own testimony, he learned to read when he was three years old [3]he soon began to write his first verses: In addition, he was not paid what was owed to him from his position as consul; this left him unable to return to Paris.

El rey burgués

Spanish-American Poets of Today and Yesterday 79 La virtud esta en ser tranqtiilo y fuerte ; con el fuego interior todo sc abrasa ; se triunfa del rencor y de la muerte, i y hacia Belen. Ill health took him to his native ruen, where he died in the following year. For- tunately, this mood of skepticism, moral agitation and despondency did not outlive his twentieth e, ; a different mood is that of the following year when eo published the collection of poems, Azul.

If it is certain, then, that he has had to give way to other claimants for the title El Poeta de America Jose Santos Cho- cano, for exampleit is equally certain that if Rodo were now writing his famous essay on Dario, he would not think of beginning it as he did in”Indudablemente, Ruben Dario no es el poeta de America.

In December he headed back to Barcelona, where he lodged at General Zelaya’s house. Flis aristocratic exclusiveness became with them snobbishness ; his nurgues quisiteness, his ultra-refinement of thought and word, became effem- inate affectation ; his skilful metrical experiments led to all sorts of exaggerations ; his symbolism opened the way to ryben Spanish-American Poets of Today and Yesterday 75 euphuism; his poems inspired by the elegance of 18th-century court Ufe in France and by Hellenism of the French variety let loose a deluge of poems on the same adrio, but without inspiration.

Because of wide-spread suspicion of the imperialistic tendencies of the “Co- lossus of the North,” and because of racial affinities, Spanish American ek rallied to the support of the afflicted mother coun- try, and the rye, her pride humbled, was ready for a family recon- ciliation. For some time he served his country as consul in Paris ; for a shorter time he was Nicaraguan Minister in Madrid. Soon after he published his first piece, Abrojosin March In his analysis of the six beautiful poems of the volume he called attention to the hterary qualities that place them in the Parnassian school of poetry; their smooth versification, highly poHshed, though apparently spontane- ous; their clear-cut, carefully-chiseled images; the burguds cosmo- politanism and intimate famiharity with many literatures ; the entire absence of any moral or didactic purpose.


Obras Escogidas de Ruben Dario. Equally vigorous in form and content is the ode, A Burgus, in which the poet voices the widespread suspicion of Spanish Ameri- cans in the first years of the century toward the imperialistic ten- dencies of the strong Anglo-Saxon Republic. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The exoticism of Prosas Profanas, “muy siglo diez y ocho y muy antiguo y muy rhoderno, audaz, cosmopolita,” was in keeping with the poet’s conception of art at that time, his “bookish”‘ inspiration, his self-conscious seeking for the quintessence of thought and sensation; it would have been out of place in poems inspired by contemporary life and deep personal feeling.

Rubén Darío – Wikipedia

rubem It was in this island where Ruben began writing the novel El oro de Mallorcawhich was a fictionalization of his autobiography. University of Texas Press. Juan Valera gave it a warm welcdme in one of his Cartas Americanos, finding everything in it admirable except its title and the strong French influence.

Probably very little, if anything, entirely new in prosody was invented by him; archaic meters were given new life; old and disused forms were resurrected and given new flexibility.

Del Neoclasicismo al Modernismo. His importance in modern Spanish literature as the best representative of recent Uterary tendencies has been in- dicated by this article ; he is more important as the poet “que ha introducido un acento nuevo en la lirica espanola” A. It was therefore fitting that Argentina should be the theme of his longest poem.

Rubén Darío

Conscious of contemporaneous Spanish decadence in politics and the arts a preoccupation he shared with the so-called Generation of ’98he frequently was inspired by characters burgued elements of the past. On recuperating, he returned to Paris, but he was unable to reach an agreement with his wife, so he decided to return to Nicaragua to present his case in court.

This musical suggestiveness is closely associated with the chief characteristic daroo symbolism as regards content, the suggestion of ideas, sensations, moods, by means of symbols; by allusion merely, not by direct mention or description. It was this movement that had reached its efflorescence when the French influence upon Dario became strong, and in many fuben of his Prosas Profanas its essen- tial characteristics may be found.

He reportedly suffered frequent hallucinations and became obsessed with the idea of death. Travel was a vital necessity for his restless spirit, “navigare necesse est” the device on his shield. In the longer verse forms the caesural pause was freely shifted, and in many cases little attention was giyen to the coincidence of metrical and sense pauses.


In December he was tasked with directing a newly created newspaper, El Correo de la Tarde. English Wikisource has original text related to this article: Spanish themes are well represented in his work, already in Prosas profanas and, specially, after his second trip to Spain, in His tranquility was interrupted by the arrival of his wife, Rosario Murillo, in Paris.

It was in Spain itself that the new movement met with strong opposition. Turning now to his literary productions, we find little to detain us in his first volume of precocious verse, Epistolas y Poemas, of importance only in the study of the gradual evolution of a clever imitator of the French and Spanish poets of the preceding genera- tion into the strongly individualistic leader of the Modernistas. In he was one of the delegates sent, by Nicaragua to the Colombian celebrations in Madrid.

The fact that these move- ments were of short duration makes it possible to study their essential characteristics in the poetry produced by one versatile writer during his short life of less than fifty years; in the successive volumes of Dario’s poetry, particularly in those entitled Asul.

Spaxish-American Poets of Today and Yesterday 81 In conclusion, I wish to remind the reader that my aim has been to present Ruben Dario as the best representative of recent literary tendencies in Spanish American poetry, the representative of three clearly differentiated groups of poets, the “Parnassians,” the “Mod- ernists” and the “New Poets.

Y al ruisefior que canta por la noche al hechizo de la luna, sucedera una alondre matu- tina que se embriague de sol. Literary movements in the last fifty years, especially in poetry, have follovired each other in rapid succession. Dario was in sympathy with the new tendency, in which strength is the quality desired above all others, but was not willing to go so far as his younger contemporaries in the new direction ; he was too much of the cosmopolitan to limit thus his sources of inspiration, too ardent a lover of beauty in all its forms to restrict his manner of expression, too complex of character and variable of mood to attempt to be consistent in all his literary productions.

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