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Blog Chitarra e Dintorni Nuove Musiche: A Tango in the brothel by Rubén Andrés Costanzo first part

Not every action has an intention, but a reward or satisfaction which comes from the action rather than an intention is worthwhile. I took your comments earnestly, something open to discussion. Pubblicato da Andrea Aguzzi a Midas was not a prudent man. Jack, do you see the connection to 44 in my last statement?

It becomes spontaneously enter the brothel as the birthplace of a very sensual dance with a high level guusano eroticism. From all this information we can say that the rioplatense tango is a hybrid product, born form the urban working class suburbs.

As for the meaning in divination, I think you are pretty much on the mark. Brothel no, brothel Yes. Moreover, the majority of the narrators came from the upper class and was used to belong to humble neighborhoods just for gjsano, without knowing the daily and honesty life of those places.

Each fool with eo obsession? Speaking of rivers reminds me of River Phoenix.

Hence the motivation behind crossing the great water. He looks fixedly at anybody that wants to cross.

El gusano loco

And in cats, pretty much the same. You don’t need advices. But, Rosada, your quote was: Really – how great a stream can it be if we can wade across it? Albert RousselAn Evening with Mr. The majority of chronicles written in the late ‘ and early ‘, or gathered from interviews conducted in the 30s, question about the morality of the tango, describing it as a dance born in the brothels and bordellos of Rio de la Plata; others are talking about the tango as a dance born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, the fusion of different rhythms, music and choreography.


For example, I may not necessarily be trying to further anything, but doing something worth my time could be both more casual and more far reaching in meaning, even without having a goal to further something, or with an eye purely on the result rather than on the actual doing. But then, when did the brothels enter in the history of tango?

Winning a spelling B is another ambition, grasping another woman, bearing another child. Please, take a look at this I don’t know but I’m hungry now For example, one hundred years ago it was agreed that two men were fighting a duel to settle a matter of honor, but it was unthinkable that a woman had the right to vote or take the knee-length skirt.

Until the terms milonga and tango identify the same dance. People have two ways to behave: He enters in the cabinet and closes the door from inside, he gets congealed.

That would make a lot more sense if posted on the other thread. Imprenta de la Universidad.

What I’ve concluded is that, it le within the nature of every cell of living matter to cross the great water. Scroll back to How can ambition be the inner guide that steers one past all the worldly temptations? I saw it, of course. Listening well, however, you realize how he created some sort of basic vocabulary and grammar of his playing, to play the guitar, to improvise, to create and recreate his own music.


Some guys want to be princess although in it they gamble the life. This is the kiddie end of the gene pool. Yours, Charly Hi Charly, I’m anything but a Nietzsche expert, but “will to power” isn’t to be interpreted as ‘forcing will’, such as the Nazis used it.

Arthur Garcia Nunez Wimpi 1953 El Gusano Loco

Seeing 44 as representing the siren calls. Un abrazo, Charly P.

Mixed signals starting to manefest. What I am doing is studying the nature of ambition; that which is the impetus for crossing the great water. A reverse process that also distorts the story happens whne we want to apply our values to events that occurred a century ago.

In dogs, I’ve noticed no distinction of gender of pack alphas. I gotta search Google to see if I can find it. Haus der Musik Trekel, Guitarissimo. Just off the top of my head, we’ve got I think a book could be written on all the real and archetypal great waters that exist. It was his ambition that gave him a life. Sure, it would be naive to believe you shall find documents on this, but this lack of official sources remains truthful to the testimonies of many men who saw musicians enliven the evenings with Tango in brothels.

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