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The quickest way to do this is to back off the adjustment screw until your meter reads below 50 millivolts or so. The MAP Sensor is part of the car, while the enhancer is just that, an enhancer that we add to the car in d117 to fine-tuning the MAP signal. It is rare that there are more than 2 of these.

Connect the white wire to the computer. If you do this handling, please document your v17 before and after this one step, and if you have success, please contact me and let me know.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Without the other changes, the inventor cannot guarantee the results you seek. This is even more important when building a unit with new parts. V17 way the EFIE only activates when the fuel efficiency device is turned on. Thus, it takes less time to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into kinetic energy at the crank.


When an EFIE is first connected to a vehicle and powered up, the voltage will go higher than normal, and then slowly settle back down. This learning process may take, approximately, from 10 to 50 miles of driving.

There are literally thousands of models of car, and each has its own design. However, when you’re reading this voltage with a multimeter, it will show you a range of voltages of approximately. I don’t mean the owner’s guide that is given to you when you buy your new car.


So it is not a voltage adder at all. You will probably find adjusting the EFIE to be frustrating at first. The only difference will be in the packaging as described and shown below.

I have to add about mV before the engine starts stuttering. However, in very cold climates, such as in locations where it is below freezing a significant number of days per winter season, temperature becomes a consideration. To be clear, it is the EFIE of choice for both 4-wire and 5-wire oxygen sensors.

Most computers will see millivolts from the EFIE, plus the sensor’s voltage as high all the time. Just make sure that whatever you choose to use for ground has a negligible resistance less than 10 ohms when tested against the negative battery terminal of your car.

Basically a fuel efficiency device makes the engine think something is wrong, and makes it do things to adjust for this “wrongness”. I am going to build one of these and I will update everyone on how it works in my car. You should solder them and use heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections from other wires.

Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

We do this by making it think there is less oxygen in the exhaust than efis actually is. I have turn 10k pots with counters and locks to make testing easier. Others have an extra heater wire and sometimes a separate heater ground tooused to heat the sensor more quickly.

I have also recently found a resource at www.

HHO woes mv is too high. If you have basic efle in electronics and can solder parts together, you can build this device in one afternoon. If you read the EFIE Installation Instructions below, you’ll see there’s another reason to have a good wiring diagram for your car.


These are the basics.

Not all modern fuel injection system are created the same, but a typical system may include the following sensors:. If all else fails in determining what type of sensor s you have, use the EFIE Installation Instructions and read through section “1.

Another thing that is fundamental about an EFIE, is that it is not a fuel efficiency device on its own. There are many ways to do this. I have determined that adding resistance to the ground of the MAP does work, but not at the levels in the article. That’s why it’s so popular for tuning the MAP Sensor – if the vehicle has such a sensor. AlexR Senior Member Posts: The easy way to do this is to look it up in your Haynes, Clymer or Chilton manual for your car.

I tested this by using a hand held vacuum pump while monitoring the Hz and changes at different vacuum levels and changed the resistance at each level. Connect the red to your power source.

If you use one side, then clockwise will raise the voltage. These aren’t that difficult to tune. If the computer never sees a voltage below. Patrick Kelly’s Chapter 10 Numerous designs of inventions that improve automotive fuel efficiency.

High signal voltage, high fuel requirements. It has become painfully obvious by observing my apprentices on the mpgResearch Forum that a x17 Guide to Tuning is desperately needed.

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