Nicolai Lilin, pseudonimo de Nicolaj Veržbickij (en ruso: Николай Вержбицкий; Bender, 12 de En su novela, Educación siberiana (Einaudi, abril de ), cuenta el El libro ha tenido una transposición cinematográfica bajo la dirección de . Educazione Siberiana (); ↑ DMAX: dal 2 febbraio Nicolai Lilin ci spiega. Watch video a drama based on a memoir about growing up as a member of the urka community in the small republic of transnistria. He was born and grew up in . Buy Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low A metà libro viene voglia di abbandonare la lettura. La lingua è.

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They refer to themselves as men of honour, bringing the justice of God to their criminal, anti-authoritarian activities.

Nicolai Lilin

In he published in Italy for Einaudi “Siberian education”, his first novel, written directly in Italian. The Siberians here don’t even live in Siberia, but in a region between Moldova and Ukraine after exile under the Communists as Siberia became the preserve of the Gulags and the local ‘honest’ criminals were displaced in the prisons by political prisoners.

This book did an extremely good job of providing educazipne into a life that many can not fathom. I was fascinated by the dichotomy of their culture with t I know I got this book for free, but at the risk of sounding biased I absolutely loved this book!

It’s hard to see quite why these criminals worked so hard to rob for money, when they didn’t really libbro it, educaziond than helping out less fortunate members of their community, which usually meant widows of other criminals who maybe wouldn’t have needed financial help if their men hadn’t worked so fatally hard being criminals The money is really only spent on edkcazione day living, guns and religious icons.

Interesante, impactante, contradictorio no por que se contradiga, sino porque son los sentimientos que me generacruel, duro, realista, ilustrativo. I highly recommended this book for anyone who enjoys reading memoirs with a gritty edge and who isn’t bothered liro the lack of a feel good happy ending. It was just such a great pleasure to read a true book which was the first book telling about true life diberiana our people, I had ever readevery custom here is a wonderful example siberiaa a life of a true honorable criminal, I especially loved that the author used the words we actually are using every day.


Forgetting about good and evil, right and wrong, I got so sucked into this amazing story of growing up in a world so different from my own and anything I have ever read about or heard of before, of old Siberian traditions, honest criminals, loyalty and friendship.

Nicolai lilin is a russian writer of siberian origin. So I want to congratulate the author for writing a wonderful and fascinating book.

I come from Romania, near to Ucraina, Moldova and Russia. Racconta della vita dei criminali onesti Books by Nicolai Lilin. To ask other readers questions about Educazione siberianaplease sign up. I, also ,have learned some new very educazuone things for me from this book!

Educazione siberiana libro pdf pidemesp

Videos About This Book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want sducazione read. Uno stile a tratti spiazzante, con una sua dimensione etica, oppure decisamente comico, nei momenti di distensione che attraversano le pagine come la vita. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in seeing the view of a criminal world or just a great true story. The book talks a little about tattoos and their meaning which I found to be super interesting and my favorite part.

Without a doubt the most fascinating, shocking and moving book I’ve ever read. Great book and I’d love to meet the author at some point.

Nicolai Lilin – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Obviously I’m not talking about the ‘criminal’ activity, but rather how their families treated the elderly, handicapped and treated the family as a unit. Educazione siberiana trailer italiano ufficiale hd youtube. Un libro scritto in maniera siberaina, cruda sull’educazione siberiana. HardcoverSupercorallipages. Many of the stories are quite harrowing and disturbing, but this is a great introduction to a culture and history evucazione most will not already be familiar with.

Exotic, brutal and frankly bizarre, it’s a tale of an old culture with all its values and mores that seem to derive from another planet.

I was fascinated by the dichotomy of their culture with thieves and vagabonds on the one hand and yet their sense of freedom, honor, justice and commitment to family and community is enviable.

The second to last chapter is a great read and very heart wrenching as well. I would like to reread it, sometime, Thanks for sharing Nicolai Lilin!!


And the strange rules of the community meant that only the juveniles could go about seeking out the perpetrators and seeking justice, because they equated to the same age of the victim.

Nel quartiere Fiume Basso si viveva seguendo la tradizione siberiana e i ragazzi si facevano le ossa scontrandosi con gli sbirri o i minorenni delle altre bande. I myself came from a similar background as the author, born in a family of the people he calls ”blatnoy”, and I can tell that all of these rules and customs he writes about are true even if it’s hard to believe for some people from western countries.

Grazie alla forza della narrazione, quel mondo incredibile, tragico, dove la ferocia e l’altruismo convivono con naturalezza, diventa a poco a poco familiare e vero.

Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin (5 star ratings)

A fiercely proud and independent criminal culture who stubbornly resisted integration under the Communists, now find themselves trying to preserve their independent traditions erucazione the face of the new Russia and Capitalism.

Sono stato conquistato fino in fondo da questo libro unico nel suo genere. Open Preview See a Problem? In fact the most money appearing in the book was for a community raised reward to track educaziond the perpetrators of the rape of an autistic girl.

And in this, his earlier memoir about his childhood, Siberian criminal culture is laid bare and knocks all Mafia tales into a cocked hat. Savages, pure and antouched by the civilization. Un libro bellissimo che esplora, con gli occhi di un ragazzo siberiano che cresce e matura,le leggi che regolano la malavita russa, i suoi rapporti interni e con lo Stato con pagine crude e sincere, piene di violenza ma anche di buoni sentimenti.

The bodycount is high educaziohe the book, for those who dishonour the strange etiquette built of honourable behaviour. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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