A theorem due to Earnshaw proves that it is not possible to achieve static levitation using any combination of fixed magnets and electric charges. Static levitation. The answer is no, and this fact is referred to as the Earnshaw’s theorem. We will prove this assuming $q \gt 0$, but the proof is similar for $q \lt. PDF | A classical electrodynamical results known as Earnshaw theorem forbids the stable static levitation in stationary fields. Even though, permanent magnets.

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Magnetic Levitation

Archived from the original on For example, the book sitting on my desk is being levitated, and some force is responsible for this levitation. There are, however, several exceptions to the rule’s assumptions, which allow magnetic levitation. You are commenting using your WordPress. In contrast, after a ferromagnetic substance has been magnetized, and theoerm externally applied field is removed, a significant amount of magnetization remains. It’s also possible for exchange interactions to lock the spins of neighboring electrons in opposite directions, in which case the behavior is called anti-ferromagnetism.

In most elements the spin axes of the electrons point in all different directions, so there is no significant net magnetic dipole.

However, Gauss’s law says that the divergence of any possible electric force field is zero in free space. The first two can be explained in terms of the magnetic fields produced by the orbital motions of the electrons in an atom. Radiators are made of diamagnetic materials which contain the two vectors of gravity and rotation of the Earth when excited by a time varying field. This is due to electromagnetic intermolecular forces and is not what is really meant by the term “levitation”.

See Maxwell’s equations for a more detailed discussion of these properties of magnetic fields.

Earnshaw’s theorem has no exceptions for non-moving permanent ferromagnets. Intuitively, though, it’s plausible that if the theorem holds for a single point charge then it would also hold for two opposite point charges connected together. In modern terms, the theory may be stated roughly as: The energy can only have a minimum at points where the Laplacian of the energy is greater than zero.


Superconductors are diamagnetics theprem the macroscopic change in trajectories screening current at the surface. April 28, at 9: According to this view, an electron’s charge is distributed around its surface, and the surface is spinning about some axis, so there is a tiny current loop, setting up a magnetic thforem as illustrated below.

The result is that, when an external magnetic field is applied, the paramagnetic material becomes a bar magnet with total dipole throrem to the external field:.

Earnshaw’s theorem – Wikipedia

Surprisingly, it is possible to levitate a rotating object with fixed magnets. For the comment preview to earnshwa, Javascript must be enabled in your browser.

To understand such materials, one must understand a little bit about magnetic dipoles.

Brandt, Science, Jan Intuitively, whether it is inverse unity, square, cube, or even higher power, the static field model will be unstable. Electromagnetic suspension is one system theorej in magnetic levitation trains “maglev” such as the one at Birmingham Airport, England. Because of the small distances, quantum effects are significant; but Earnshaw’s theorem assumes that only classical physics is relevant.

That is, in the absence of current or a changing electric field. So any element M i can be removed leaving a static n-1 system.

Earnshaw’s theorem

Levitation and diamagnetism, or: In a permanent magnetic ferromagnetthese electron dipoles are all lined up with one another, and their effects combine to form one big dipole:. All waves observed at the time were known to travel in a medium of some sort: In fact, even at room temperatures, it is possible to use the diamagnetic property of a substance like bismuth to achieve marginal stability for magnetic levitation.

About rarnshaw decade ago researchers in the Netherlands levitated a living frog using a powerful magnet: His contributions to the science are considered by many to be of the same magnitude as those of Einstein.


Theoorem diamagnetics, electrons adjust hteorem trajectories to compensate the influence of the external magnetic field, and this results in an induced magnetic field that points in the opposite direction to the external magnetic field.

That is, there is no point in free space where the dipole is either stable in all directions or theoorem in all directions. After Gilbert, the subject languished for almost years, as the attention of most scientists turned to gravitation and working out the consequences of Newton’s great synthesis of dynamics and astronomy. That being earnsahw, Maxwell is certainly one of the biggest influences on 20th century physics, and beyond! This is consistent with what we know from bar magnets:.

At a more practical level, it can be said that the Pauli exclusion principle and the existence of discrete electron orbitals are responsible for making bulk matter rigid. The term “permanent magnet” is meant to specify ferromagnetism, which is truly a fixed magnetic field relative to the magnet. March 8, at 4: Configurations of classical charged particles orbiting one another are unstable due to losses of energy by electromagnetic radiation.

Instead, it consists of many small regions of pure lattices, within which the exchange interaction keeps all the electron spins aligned, but the exchange interaction does not extend across the boundaries between domains. Quantum mechanics furnishes the explanation: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This site uses Akismet to thworem spam. It seems relevant since everything I can pick up or handle is an extended object. He found that a system of particles could not be in stable equilibrium if the forces involved followed an inverse square lawin which the force between eqrnshaw particles is a function ofwhere is the distance between the particles. While a more general proof may be possible, three specific cases are considered here.

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