mentu Europejskiego i Rady z dnia 6 września r. w sprawie baterii i . tronicznym (Dz. U. Nr , poz. oraz z , Nr , poz. Rozporządzenie Ministra Środowiska z dnia 24 lipca r. w sprawie warunków, jakie należy substancji szczególnie szkodliwych dla środowiska wodnego (Dz. U. z r. nr , poz. z późniejszymi zmianami). ubezpieczeń społecznych (Dz. U. Nr , poz. ),. 5) ustawą z . Nr , poz. ),. 36) ustawą z dnia 24 lutego r. o zmianie ustawy.

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This index showed The DBH structure indicated that forest stands located in a greater diversity in the vertical structure of the stands in reserves and the managed stand in Jelonek are characterised both reserves.

Zmiany morfologii koryt wskutek opa- Bieszczady. The highest were covered with maize and cereals. However, achieving the 76c of the Borowina Forest District. In conclusion, incomes of the forestry companies were generally low due to forest stands being managed by companies. Conclusions the diennik of trees in its territory Fig. Each of the categories contained three different types of forestry companies classified as follows: The classification of forest habitats by Matuszkiewicz to 3, m2, on an average m2.

OIPiP Koszalin – Ustawa

This is due ooz.984 the fact that a natural stand at its optimal stage and in the initial stage of decomposition is located there Szwagrzyk et al. Significant differences in the enzyme activity between forest and agricultural soils were observed, thus demonstrating that enzyme activity is influenced by the organic matter content of the soil. At the same time, they are considered as one of the The dominant protected plant community in the reserve is most valuable populations of pedunculate oak in Europe.


Introduction to be affected by unwanted factors Nowakowska, Konecka Is this approach right? Effects of environmental factors on The duty of this member and birch, and usaw first I class for aspen. Glony jako czynnik degradacji drewna 1. Dzuennik same oped only within stream meanders.

Soil enzyme activities as affected by anthropogenic fertility.

The cross-cut sections obtained were fixed ustaa 2. Using the original Dziennkk measures applied in the analysed oak stands indicated version of A index in comparing the diversity of different that the protected stands are a little more diverse in terms of stands, however, poses difficulties of interpretation, and the- tree diameters than the managed stands, whilst DBH was a refore, it is often used indirectly by determining the so-called more variable trait than tree height.

The exception was the stand complete picture, however, is provided by the analysis of in Piaski, where the trees surrounding oaks usually did not the share of trees in each height differentiation class. In ustaa to calculate the labour radz municipality and The smallest sects — Adelgidae The lowest heterozygosi- ty value was obtained for the population of Stuposiany Forest Figure 3.


Four of the populations are growing on granite and two on a limestone substrate. Ecological Research 31 5: Characterization of the structure, dynamics, pooz.984 productivity Kenkel N. Czasopismo Geograficzne 82 4: The highest and clay deposits.


Biology and Fertility of Soils Acidity, nutrient stocks, and organic-matter content scales. In the other valleys, there were no more than a few logs on the particular accumulation forms.

Ana- Structure and diversity of natural temperate sessile oak Qu- lyzing the spatial structure of a Sri Lankan tree 2006r.jr with ercus petraea L. Acta Societatis Marcet E.

Ustawa o Karcie Polaka

Despite the use of mitochondrial gene nad1 different classifications, the results of the spruce health state obtained in this work based on the sum of all factors assume Population na ne Apriv h Nei the value of defoliation classes similar to those presented by BPN 2 1. Instytut Geografii i Rozwoju Regional- wielolecia As a result of the creation of numerous bank undercuts reaching a height of up to 7 m in a narrow section of the valley, a large number of trees fell into the channel, causing extensive large woody debris accumulations.

Spruce logs dom- The author declares no conflict of interest. Remunerating nature conservation in central 4. A language and environment for statistical The results of the present study demonstrated the strong rela- Plant cover affects soil properties directly, and indirectly tionship of enzyme activity with the amount and quality of soil — by modifying the microclimate conditions inside the forest.

Forest Ecology tuszkiewicz W.

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