Drona Parva – Day 13 – The Extraordinary Abhimanyu – Part 2 (continued from: ). Drona Parva – Day 15 – The Narayana Astra – Part 2 (continued from: https://www. ) Ashwatthama. Drona Parva. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we join the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. The warring cousins stand face to face on the.

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He knew how to resist the weapon. As all the Pandava warriors lay down on the field, the Narayan-astra concentrated its full force on Bheem. Even though overpowered and outnumbered, the son of Drnoa sister showed no fear. He became completely shrouded by blazing missiles, appearing like a sacrificial fire suddenly sprung up on the field.

Now they were fighting to the death. Bheem Overwhelmed by the Narayan-astra Bheem paid no heed to Arjun and rushed at the Kauravas. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we parvx the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. Drona’s son smiled and resisted Bheem’s attack, cutting down all his shafts as they came toward him. The heroic Abhimanyu has reached paradise after slaying numerous enemies.

O Yudhishthir, no creature can violate the law of death. He felt as if he would never be able to avenge him.

Krishna’s Advice Krishna told Vrona to remain calm. He said that he will finish Abhimanyu and saying so charged prva Abhimanyu. Though a brahmin by birth, Drona was once an instructor in the arts of war to both the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and like Bhishma he accepts his post only with a certain reluctance.


If you simply follow His will, then you will understand everything in time. His deeds far exceeded his years and he has attained everlasting fame. The watery weapon covered Bheem, affording him protection from the ever-increasing power of the Narayan-astra.

Arjun called back, “Bheem, my vow is that I will not use the Gandiv against Brahmins, cows, and any weapon of the holy Lord Narayana. No one could even look at him, so brilliant was his glowing effulgence beneath the attack of the Narayan-astra.

Drona Parva – Vyasa Mahabharata

In silent grief the Pandavas withdrew. Concision is not the point; the epic is as much a cultural force as a literary work, and is unencumbered by the niceties of compositional convention that we might expect of it. Remembering how Krishna had run at Bhishma holding a chariot wheel, he rushed at Drona.

But now he was attacked simultaneously from all sides.

He held a blazing trident and whichever way he turned, my enemies were burned and destroyed. Yudhishthir was consoled, but he was still worried how to broach the news to Arjun.

Drona Parva

He has almost slain the king himself, and he is annihilating our troops. No man can change fate’s course. With joy, the Kaurava troops withdrew from the field, leaving Abhimanyu lying amid the carnage he had created. Sage Vyasa closed his eyes. Yudhishthir’s cries filled the tent.


Drona Parva – Wikipedia

Ashwatthama releases the Agneya-astra Ashwatthama writhed at Arjun’s harsh words. He lay still with his weapons put aside. Abhimanyu, fatigued from his long fight against so many opponents, slowly rose to his haunches.

Let the wishes of king Duryodhan be crowned with success today, for I have today slain in battle the preceptor. He cried out, “Everything is illusion! I see it now: Ashwatthama’s skill at the secret mystical sciences endowed the Agneya weapon with menacing power. The troops fell by the thousands, cut to pieces by the relentless assault.

Ashwatthama, having sworn to Duryodhan that he would annihilate both Dhrishtadyumna and the Panchal army, thought of the Narayan-astra.

I will bear the brunt of this weapon on my broad chest.

The Mahabharata

Ashwatthama shook his head. Even though he was only sixteen, he had not hesitated to join his father in the war. Seeing such slaughter we have come to understand parvaa meaning of death. As Satyaki reeled, Ashwatthama took up a long shaft that glowed with a brilliant effulgence.

The child has now ascended to heaven. Innumerable men and animals lay slaughtered amid shattered chariots, weapons, armour and ornaments.

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