Dressel 1to 6: wine amphoras; Dressel 1: Roman wine amphora, B.C. to 13 A.D.; Dressel 2: Roman wine amphora, 16 B.C. to 29 A.D.; Dressel 3: Roman. An amphora is a type of container of a characteristic shape and size, descending from at least .. The first type of Roman amphora, Dressel 1, appears in central Italy in the late 2nd century BC. This type had thick walls and a characteristic red . Distinctive Features. This was the most common type of late Republican Roman amphora. Following an early classificatory scheme by Lamboglia (), the.

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Amphore antique romaine vinaire du type Dressel 1B.

The excavations produced amphora sherds, weighing kg, from contexts. If we assume these three came from different vessels to the forty-four reported here, Heybridge has produced forty-seven Dressel 1 amphoras.

The most important evidence for the early export of salazones from Baetica is the c. The base facilitated transport by ship, where the amphorae were packed upright or on their sides in as many drressel five staggered layers.

Archives: Amphora: Details of Dressel 23

Examination in detail of the contexts of the Ceramic Phase 3 Gaulish amphoras showed them to lie at the end of the phase. Stamped lead ingots show the ship sank in the reign of Vespasian Parker The congruence of the fabric with Dressel 20 shows that Haltern 70 came from the same regions of Baetica in Roman Spain see below. The more typical Gallic production begins within the ceramic ateliers in Dresssel during late Augustan times.

The scale of the problem can be gauged from the 8, to 21, tonnes of cereals it has been estimated the lower Rhine army consumed under Tiberius each year Roymans A third rim is known from the excavations at Heybridge Hall by the Northamptonshire Archaeological Unit, just over a kilometre to the south-east. At the same time in Cuma southern Italy the production of the cadii cumani type starts Dressel With one exception, the bifid figure-of-eight handle sherds have separated into their component rods.

It is not an estimate of the actual numbers present. The last definite shipwreck with the form is Ses Salines, where it shared the hold with Dressel 20 amphoras. Elsewhere in the West, provincial versions are not found until Augustus. AD 75 Dresseo It is likely that Haltern 70 must have reached Heybridge in the Iron Age but there is no evidence to prove ampyora.


The volume of a Roman amphora was one cubic footc. Some modern winemakers and brewers are using amphoras to provide a different palate and tastes to their products than are available with other aging methods.

The pelike is a special type of belly amphora, with the belly placed lower, so that the widest point of the vessel is near its bottom.

In addition, further light has been shed on burnt amphoras in a funerary context from Lamadelaine, a 1st century BC cemetery next to the Titelberg oppidum and not far from Clemency and Goeblingen-Nospelt Metzler-Zens et al.

It weighed heavily with the writer that Gaulish amphora body sherds were present in small quantities at Late Iron Age Silchester, but where the precise form could not be identified Williams, ; Fulford and Timby Exports of Baetican olive oil to Britain in Dressel 20 and Dressel 23 amphoras have been surveyed in extenso by Funari and Carreras Monfort and Funari The same picture emerges from Armorica where most of the Dressel 1 amphoras come from on or near the coast Galliou;fig.

The handles might not be present. The only two-letter stamp known to the writer ending with M preceded by one of the other letters listed above is the RM stamp, and one can be reasonably confident that the Elms Farm stamp is another example.

File:Amphora Dressel 1B.svg

The whole topic of Roman wine in amphoga free Europe could benefit from looking at the parallels to be drawn with the uses and abuses of alcohol by European settlers in north America in their dealings with native Americans Brogan51, 59, We may raise here the possibility that at least some of the Dressel 1 at Elms Farm arrived not as items of exchange, but, instead, for the use of amphroa community of expatriate traders from the Roman world.

There a rim and body sherds were securely stratified with Dressel 1 amphoras in the north-east of the c.

Amphorae were used in vast numbers for the transport and storage of various products, both liquid and dry, but mostly for wine. There is still no satisfactory metrological scheme for defining subdivisions of the form.


Many are known and they form a coherent, if intriguing, element in Dressel 1 epigraphy. As communities in Britain found Italian wine increasingly difficult to obtain, they turned to Catalonia in an effort to make up the deficit. Although no animal bones survived, the presence of an imported mortarium, a Pompeian-red ware cooking dish, a Central Gaulish flagon, as well as a wealth of imported and locally copied platter and beaker forms see KPG5 show that we are dealing with the preparation and serving of food and drink.

Martin-Kilchercites early salazon amphoras from contexts dated c. Kiln sites in the region leave no room for doubt about the origin of the form Pascual Guasch ; Keay and Jones Other types from the eastern Mediterranean Gazasuch as the so-called Late Roman 4, became very popular between the 4th and the 7th century AD, while Italic productions ceased.

Potsherd: Atlas of Roman Pottery

The current debate on Dressel 1 typology is outlined in the archive. They influenced Chinese ceramics and other East Asian ceramic cultures, especially as a fancy shape for high-quality decorative ceramics, and continued to be produced there long after they had ceased to be used further west.

It is found among them as early as the first half of the 1st century BC, and, under Augustus, this new component of funerary ritual seems to have reached Heybridge to give us an insight into links between a community in Britain and a specific canton of Gaul.

Dressel 1 handles are straight except where they bend through a right-angle to join the neck and oval in section; a few are more rounded, and even sub-circular sections are sometimes found.

Salazones at Elms Farm: Indeed the presence or absence of ‘early amphorae’ has been used to help locate the border between the Trinovantes and Iceni Martin68, fig. The alphabet and language is Latin but the word means Greek [man] or simply Greek adjective. Description Amphora Dressel 1B.

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