by lukaheq. Siema, spolszczenie do drakensang the dark eye. Miłej gry:) Solucja/Walkthrought To poradnik dla ciebie! Zapraszam:) Hello, you not can cross. The intention here is not to provide a full break-down of the Dark Eye P&P rules, but to make your life a little easier if you want to play this game.

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Once you get the bone, give it to the dog. Find the kurkumian armor Kurkumian draksnsang can be found in a chest near the battlefield.

Retrieve the book from the ruins On the lowest level of the ruins you porafnik encounter the one you’ve been chasing after for quite some time – Kastan Gamblack 11 and a mysterious eyye figure.

Crypt with graverobbers inside Path leading to witches’ meeting grounds. Innkeeper will pay you for your help. He won’t give you anything solid until you complete the Search for Mordlinde in the Marshes Find the treasure map Map 7 can be found in the cave between two bottles. For a Handful of Ducats working for the Stoerrebrandts You will receive the quest after contacting Laran Dykemiller Crypt with a sarcophagus.

You can aid him by giving him a healing potion or using healing skills of one of your characters. Save the woodcutter from the bandits Talk to the bandits. Save the cursed one The crypts holds the remains of her lover – Ailric Farfar. They will be talking about the released dragon and the slain Grand Drakkensang.

It is right It’s right beside peddler Holwick, near “Serene Sow” 3 in a basement 2.

Firefly egg From chapter six on: If you’ve killed Humbert – Get rid of Humbert you can tell them that and use Fast Talk to convince them to run away.


He will ask you to find a replacement beard for him – the best possible one would be the fur of the dog he fought. In area in front of the apple-tree you see two guys a front of hes standing next area in here working woman she ddakensang you for secret code, just poradnio any from these: You will be automatically transported to the entrance to the marauder camp Temple of Peraine The more you offer, the greater your chance of convincing them.

Kill it and you will receive a thick fur which will make for a perfect beard. From this point on Inquisition soldiers are your enemies. You won’t meet him there, however, but you’ll get a chance to talk to Mayor Dipwidge. Eelko’s hiding place From chapter three on: The missing fragment Even though you’ve found the next puzzle you’re still missing a piece.

He will appreciate such a grand trophy. The now-derelict mine is full of spiders and skeletons.

Find out the secret of the ruins Enter the ruins The ruins entrance 25 is on the far side of the castle. To Ducal Citadel 9. I have porsdnik ton of pelts but am guessing that they are useless items. Ask him for help. Stay with him until you reach the harbor, and talk to him.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry)

Once you’ll do that Ailric’s soul will be free. Open it and take the dye containing the information on finding the thieves’ guild liaison in Ferdok. Don’t let yourself be noticed You cannot get noticed so move about in stealth mode. Your new goal will be retrieving the Adamantine Heart. Enter it and talk to Debero 2. You will learn that guard commander Tashman 8 may be able to provide you with some additional information.


Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry) by Karol Wilczek on Apple Books

Convince them using Fast Talk Return to the Kobold Once you convince the woodcutters return with them to the kobold. He thinks he’s not guilty and will remain in his cell until someone proves his innocence. He will say a few words and will disappear after the first question you ask. You will find the book on level 2. Head to the drkaensang and meet him.

If you’re not doing Like a shadow, just kill the priest and take the key. Talk to the innkeeper Tradan 3 about Neisbecks’ offer. You will learn that the next part of proadnik quest will take place in the Grimtooth Castle, but first you will need to talk to Gerling, duke’s advisor who is responsible for diplomatic contacts with the lord of the castle.

Few moments later he will feel sick and leave the inn. Now go to talk with the Quartermaster 5.

Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

She will agree and give you permission to conduct the investigation as well as all the information she’s gathered so far. He will lead you to the hidden passage leading to the castle 3. Morla’s owl skull Earn Alvina’s trust Alvina 11 has her camp in the middle of the forest.

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