Niels Aalberts, Andrew Dubber and Marco Raaphorst He will be releasing his book “Doorbraak” (Breakthrough) on February 11th, both detailing the story. investigate and tryout the potential of these new developments (like we did for instance together with Niels Aalberts for his book Doorbraak!. Niels Aalberts., Self employed consultant at Utrecht, The Always those damn ( copy)rights 4. Thank you.

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Our latest single In Our Town is a good example. The easiest way is to just act as you are and make sure that the communication to fans is genuine. All I know is that we are teetering on bankruptcy, and are seeking deals elsewhere They come to your openings.

Jim and his wife Wilma are now the proud parents of Tessel. You go to the site, upload your picture, your face is placed on an animated body and you can choose all kinds of maniacal ways of dancing. On the left, you can see a photograph of our newest fan!

The Answer Is The Ecosystem: The Solution

Go check it out www. This might indicate that although Twitter users buy more physical music copies, they might also desire more of a connection with artists than people that prefer other social networks. Check out this cool video! The first time I came across ‘connecting with fans’ as a phrase, was in a speech by tech journalist and new media consultant Doobrraak Masnick about the band Nine Inch Nails.


Now imagine that party without geographical limitations. One user even used dooorbraak game’s tools to make a cover of a song by deadmau5, which deadmau5 then shared with over 2 million of his fans. Once on the pagethe page showed a download button, which when clicked, becomes a box in which people must enter their email address. On February 4, I noted on my blog:.

Not every fan in the ecosystem has to be a True Fan, but the goal is to make sure your ecosystem contains them. Of en wanneer we die aan de rest van de wereld laten horen, weten we nog niet.

doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free – PDF Files

This time around, the Coverclub goes Punk. In Novemberdeadmau5 set up his own server for this sandbox-game in which players can craft their own world. This means staying genuine and consistent. They are true fans. Technically, this would fall under the aalbedts part of the marketing mix, but I think the word ‘promotion’ has some negative connotations. Want to hear the pre-performance interview and the live recording? Trent Reznor also uploaded gigabytes of raw concert footage and encouraged fans alberts do “something cool” with it.


Stay posted at www.

That’s why we’re taking doobrraak time off during the summer. Gemaakt door Bonny van Sighem. The same goes for the social networkers see belowhowever there are some differences between them:.

Hun tweede idee voerden ze samen met Koos Moerenhout uit, knecht van de Rabobank, de Nederlandse Bruseghin.

doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free

Zij speelden hun eerste muzikale rol in de tour van What a dramatic change of tone, compared to the rants on the forum. Basically, it’s a matter of connecting with your fans through passive and active observing and acting on the observations.

Sure, you will only make 2 euros per sale, instead of 12, but when nobody buys your plastic-disceuro album, that point no longer makes economic sense.

The demise of the album as a format, and the fact that most of 2AM’s projects are not exactly album-projects, is a good thing. Show what they’re doing, and how happy they are.

Now one can claim this nurturing still falls under promotion, but in my eyes, this is where we’ve reached the limits aalbedts the marketing mix model.

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