In this post, I’ll show how to implement it to export grid data in CSV format. Dojo Data Grid Series Part 1: Concepts and Default Features Part 2. I am able to accomplish this using Generic Handler (I got this code from a client project that ESRI consulting abandoned, so this must be. Anyone use edGrid to export the data. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your time in advance. I am a ESRI user and am developing.

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In addition, I wonder how I have an alternative server code to replace the. Hi I wonder if you could use the Gridx for users to download a zipped file csv. Web; public class csv: My next idea was to move past the dependency upon a partial refresh and just use SSJS to put the data directly into a scope variable. If your grid is created declaratively: With client-side code on the oncomplete event of the server-side code, it launches a new window with the XAgent page to write out the data.

I wonder if it would be possible for users to download the data CSV. We are going to start moving through the grid. The Exporter plugin is a bit tough to get a handle on — it requires more work than most plugins to get up and running.


I populate a dojo datagrid with results exporr from a querytask. Sign up using Email and Password. Selector – Unified extended selection support for rows, columns and cells. DataGrid – The base grid dojox. We are ready to go through all the contents items. The code for the form is as follows and should be hidden from view: Exporter is a plugin for dojox. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

This example is for. Export only the selected rows of a grid to the specified format. You could get into ActiveX component if you’d want to support this in IE.

Dojo Data Grid – Part 16: Exporting Grid Data

An array of special column indexes flat,not regarding structure. The Very Good Years”, “Name”: The following of this document first describes how to use the export functions of some existing implementations. The timing issue is still prevalent in some browsers.

You can also customize the format of the data as it is written out by overriding the available API methods, detailed in the dojo documentation: I use the Enhanced grid in a non-XPage application and basically had to take the same approach.

Attempt 6 Datagrir next idea was to move past the dependency upon a partial refresh and just use SSJS to put the data directly into a scope variable.

It only implements 3 interfaces. But I would imagine that you will need to add that functionality at the server side. You should more closely follow the example shown in the dojo documentation in order to implement datahrid in a standard web page, because the method used to retrieve the data in order to print it is very different. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

  CISCO SG100 24 PDF

Do you have any recommendations for Chrome?

Dojo Toolkit – Anyone use edGrid to export the data

Since we have not yet played with the data export functionality of Gridx, I am only speaking off the top of my head. Expoft Always The grid widget we are now handling.

February 14, at 5: To create your own exporter, you should use this export framework by extending an abstract class: However, the timing was still problematic. At this point, dgrid and gridx are actively maintained packages that are separate from Dijit.

er — The Dojo Toolkit – Reference Guide

Exporter is another useful plugin available to for the Dojo EnhancedGrid. May 11, at 1: Sign up using Facebook. And then introduces the API of this framework in detail.

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