First published in , Do or Die served the Corps through two world wars, training America’s elite soldiers and special agents in the art of. Do Or Die: A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat [A.J. Drexel-Biddle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The timeless techniques. Results 1 – 30 of 56 Do or Die by Biddle, Drexel and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles Do or Die: A Supplementary Manual: A. J. Biddle.

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The skilled epee fencer or duellist thrusts at the sword hand and arm of an opponent; the did broad-swords- man cuts or thrusts at die sword hand and arm. The correct, guard position of the dagger is shown in Figure 17, at start of a parry. Teaching the secrets of his knowledge to young Americans in general and Marines a.j.bbiddle particular is Colonel Biddle’s life. Herein lies d great value. Price United States Marines. Notwithstand- ing, tlie infinitely superior stance a.j.bidle mediod of the truly scien- tific knife duellist traces directly back to Roman Amphitheatre days; then the dagger duellist fought to the death.

Owing to the gracious personal interest taken by each of these particularly Mile officers, die writer was at all times accorded every advan- l. Such a blow r is recom- mended in a fist fight when die assault drives one backward: Thus his newly found weapon was fashioned as a straight blade of the precise length of the broken blade with which he killed bis enemy.

At the same moment, he lifts his right foot an inch from the ground and replaces it. I he out- lawed pivot blow’ is dif in rough and tumble fighting.


Drexel Biddle has contributed greatly. Kengla, who was a former pupil of the author in individual combat, has become an expert in Jiu- Jitsu.

They figured die wound would put him on the nlrl me for six or seven weeks. Write a customer review. Kill or Get Killed. This brief book is not of the same depth as other “classic” titles of combatives of the era, like “Kill or Get Killed”, “Cold Steel” and “Get Tough”.

While die military police in such coun- tries, if dis be Marines as is sometimes a.j.biedle case, can hardly attempt to match skill in the use of die bolo. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The left foot is advanced about sixteen inches in front of the right foot.

A edition also exists with more information added. The Fitzsimmons side-step, once thoroughly mastered, is the surest and due method of avoid- ing the most devastating of all boxing attacks — the left jab. This movement is especially prescribed for an advancing wave in a bayonet attack at close quarters. Turn quickly to the left, hitting the opponent’s wrist with ihe left elbow.

Full text of “Do or Die () A J Biddle”

Quick as a flash he had the finger, gave ro a twist and broke it. Get to Know Us. Parsons to command of the Fifth Marines. Frenchmen fight with their feet in Savate: Accepted as a training guide by the U.

Do or Die (1944) A J Biddle

But Colonel Biddle is very positive about one point: In practice, the three sets of movements can he consecutively taken: However, the bayonet is an effective and dangerous weapon when used correctly by a well-trained Marine. Pistol Disarming from the Rear Situation. Please try again later. At the Cerele Hoche in Paris, where the author frequently fenced with men many years older than himself, he recalls the special skill of a Monsieur Priam, an elderly gentleman more than seventy-two years of age who, at the time, continued to be one of the great foil professionals of France.


Corbett as the greatest boxer in the game, Fitzsimmons the greatest fighter, and Tunney the greatest boxing-fighter. Being of inventive genius, Colonels Masters and Keiigla devised several excellent new forms of aLtack and de- fense. Figure 35, of this front pistol disarming series presents this ex- cellent follow-up movement, devised by Lieutenant Colonel Ken- gla; in addition the knee may he brought instantly up, Jiu-Jitsu fashion, into the crotch of the adversary.

There should never he more than three inches of the blade thrust into the body, or two inches into the throat, to insure instant withdrawal. Major General Charles F. Many tests of this move have proven it to be com- pletely effective. Although it is not as good as the before mentioned, it is however somewhat important because it is a historical record of a valuable source of original written instruction by a combatant prodigy that was influential in effecting the way hand-to-hand was taught in the U.

Even if the pistol hand is grasped, the back- ward movement will tend to keep the pistol pointed at the op- ponent so Lhe shot cannot dle evaded; it also defeats the knee into the crotch movement. Thus you can break his wrist Figure He showed me a lot of holds and movements, his enthusiasm 12 mounting. Charlemont’s defensive cane method. Retrieved March 20,

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