Principles of Esoteric Healing. Front Cover. Dion Fortune. Sun Chalice Books, Sep 1, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Title, Principles of Esoteric Healing. Author, Dion Fortune. Editor, Gareth Knight. Contributor, Gareth Knight. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Thoth Publications. Principles of Esoteric Healing by Dion Fortune, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Principles Of Esoteric Healing

She gives various methods of defence, all of which work well. They are mostly nature poems, essays and hymns and despite being written so young are already revealing her later style. During one of his asthmatic attacks and the aftermath has a vivid dream where he sees the approach of a Sea Priestess. So hot and fast did the sparks fly that little documentary information has survived to tell the story. The Circuit of Force [ed. Even the Inner Light Magazine had to fold for lack of paper in ;rinciples but Dion Fortune still kept writing away in open letters for students and associates, fortue on a weekly basis until and then, rather more expansively, every month.

Kind regards, Alexander C-W [ps.

A major text if a difficult one for serious students only. A very useful overview and companion. It is not a workbook but provides much very useful information as to how magic works. Thus those not capable of appreciating the three-fold nature of the Mysteries, as expressed by Dion Fortune, will ever be lumbered with somewhat dim and distorting spectacles, only able to register the limited wavelengths to which they happen to be focused.

Here, through telepathic means, she attracts the service of a dour, repressed, yet psychically gifted Dr. In the course of these she gave out a deal of practical information that otherwise might have been withheld. Another initiative she pursued of a practical nature inevidently under inner plane direction, was an approach to the spiritualist movement, seeking common ground.

The Esoteric Orders and their Work This might be regarded as a mission statement when Dion Fortune was about to launch her own Esoteric Fraternity upon the world.

Cammell, then editor of Lightwas healiing the highly unusual privilege of being invited to the headquarters of the Healinh to attend trances at which Dion Fortune was the medium. It shows how from ancient Qabalistic, Greek and Egyptian roots the torch of the Western Esoteric Tradition has been handed on in unbroken line from adept to neophyte.


Time and again one sees problems being thrown up by individual occultists or schools trying to come to terms with the Christ force. Gareth Knight] As part of being an occultist of the first rank Dion Fortune developed herself into an accomplished medium, although not quite of the type associated with the Spiritualist movement.

Tolkien and the anthroposophist Owen Barfield.

Gareth Knight News & Ideas: Dion Fortune and the Three-fold Way

There are 83 in all, and you can follow the Church year with them or just dip in and find the one that resonates with you at that time, for their themes are Universal. This is still regarded as one of the best manuals on psychic attack and gives an insight into the type of phenomena that might be encountered and how to deal with them. A foreword by Gareth Knight refers to the physical location that inspired the novel, in a converted church, now a fashionable restaurantthat provided the setting for Dion Fortune’s performances of the Rite of Isis in Belgravia.

Now incorporated, under the title Practical Occultismwith lots of examples of her own work, selected by Gareth Knight, her review of esoterlc literature of illuminism and an appendix on the faery operetta The Immortal Hour.

Brangwyn needs him esoetric help save his sister Ursula from Black Magic and the clutches of an evil magician. It covers in brief such matters as instincts and the instinctual mind, complexes, repression and sublimation, symbology, fantasies, dreams and delusions. Morgan eventually departs to take up work elsewhere later revealed in Moon Magic leaving a renewed and rejuvenated Maxwell, who casts off the domestic family shackles, marries Molly, a young girl from princip,es office, and they embark on life together as two initiates in the world, devotees of the goddess.

Mystical Meditations on the Collects Despite nowadays being regarded in some circles principally as a pagan icon, Dion Fortune always insisted upon following a threefold way of nature contacts, hermetic philosophy and devotional mysticism.


He did send her a fulsomely autographed copy of The Book of Thoth upon its publication but whether she returned the compliment with copies of her own books is open to question.

Gareth Knight

Recently reissued in the USA with a title more suited to modern sensibilities but no less hard hitting. Foreword to the latest edition by Gareth Knight. Members were encouraged to wear plain clothes or ecclesiastical cassocks instead of magical robes.

Occult Fiction in order of original publication The Secrets of Dr Taverner Her first published work of fiction as Dion Fortune, this is a collection of short studies or jealing studies esotfric paranormal pathologies and is still deemed her best fictional work by many of her fans. During the same period she wrote a number of articles on the nature of the esoteric tradition as it was currently being practised.

The stories are for the most part imaginative constructions based on received esoteric principles as understood at the time, but the opening one, Blood Lust, is closely based on her first mind blowing encounter with Moriarty and observation of his methods. Duon practical terms it begins when Brangwyn, a wise old magician, overhears an invocation to Pan outside the British Museum.

Firth] These first three titles, published under Dion Fortune’s baptismal name, are long out of print and likely to remain so, being mainly of historical interest nowadays and sought after only by collectors. During this time, Knight founded his own esoteric school which continues today as of She would have gone on writing in much the same way that she always had – by a balanced exposition of the three fold way.

With this in mind I append a lightly edited article I wrote for the Inner Light Journal in after I had rejoined the Society after a lapse of 33 years pdinciples my own thing. This edition includes a forward by Gareth Knight.

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