Diario del seduttore. Front Cover. Søren Kierkegaard Diario di un seduttore · Sören Kierkegaard Bibliographic information. QR code for Diario del seduttore . Søren Kierkegaard, Diario di un seduttore. July 7, ·. Søren Kierkegaard, Diario di un seduttore. Image may contain: text. K Likes39 CommentsK. Diario di un seduttore by Sören Kierkegaard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It is easier to be the villain than to assume the role of the loser. The trick is to be as receptive in regard to impressions as possible to know the impression you are making and the impression each girl makes on you. View all 12 comments. La sua infanzia era stata molto rigida, controllata da un padre severo. She was a riddle, who mysteriously possessed her own solution, a secret, and what are all diplomats’ secrets compared with this, an enigma, and what in all the world is so beautiful as the word that solves it?

He drives her to break off the engagement. To this end, Kierkegaard casts himself as the manipulative narrator, Johannes, while the Regine character is named Cordelia.

In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an erotic failure as a pedagogic success, a wound masked as a boast. Un suo appunto su questo avvenimento infatti conclude: Maybe he was doing her a favor, since the couple in Cohen’s novel don’t exactly have a happy life together. Martensen e alla sua ultima opera Dogmatica Cristiana.

Soltanto riguardo al Cristianesimo ci si esime dal fare esperienza. La crisi del pensiero ; III. For the first time in my life I am afraid of not being able to finish a book because that it’s drag me into huge melancholy.


I’d recommend this book because it’s great for philosophical discussions and to consider how some people actually view love as something to be studied, not simply to be enjoyed. I can imagine him able to bring a girl to the point where he was sure she would sacrifice all then he would leave without a word let a lone a declaration kerkegaard promise. With that knowledge, though, the whole thing becomes tragically ironic, and the narrator’s frequent references to past conquests go from comically obnoxious to desperately sad especially since Kierkegaard is believed to have remained celibate for the rest of his life.

Kierkegaard sente di essere stato educato dalle prediche di Mynster, che quasi si confonde con la figura del padre, e prova per lui amore e ammirazione.

Hunting is his game. Kierkegaard himself broke up his engagement with a young girl Regine Olson whom he had coveted for a long time. Reading it gives me painlike every woman that read this book would; but I guess I can not sleep tonight without finishing it Soren Kierkegaard is regarded as one of the first, if not the very first, existentialist philosophers.

La natura ci insegna che mentre quelle selvatiche possono diventare domestiche, quelle domestiche non diventeranno mai selvatiche.

The Seducer’s Diary by Søren Kierkegaard

Questo gli procura una sensazione di “vero riposo”. This will provide important context.

IV di copertina del Diarionell’ed. Lists with This Book.

Altrimenti non ci sarebbe alcun riposo nella convinzione. Escribo esto afectado tal vez por el descubrimiento de un rubro nuevo que acabo de anadir a mi lista de activades estupidas: I rarely get so excited to read a book.

Tanto che si lamenta con Sara e gli dice: His sefuttore covers his pursuit of the innocent young Cordelia, even to the point of engagement. Jul 06, Brigitte rated it really liked it. The last of these is an extremely important piece of information for all kierkegawrd and constant suitors, to whom it would never occur to fall in love with an engaged girl Non solo, Kierkegaard pensa anche che la sua opera al servizio del Cristianesimo sia esclusiva, e argomenta: Johannes is a perfect depiction of a man who needs validation via “creating” young women to his liking.


Maybe he wanted Regine to take it more easy. It’s not the first Soren book i read, seuttore this one is a great surprise for me. It’s a philosopher I thoroughly enjoy Fear and Trembling, for example, is brilliantwriting about a subject that’s always intriguing young love gone wrongwith an approach that is sure to be complicated and thoughtful trying to make himself look like the bad guy.

Diario di un seduttore

Diary of a Seducer — definitely an eye catching title. Beauty and truth are comprised of perfect opposites: It is in the drawn out months before a confession or engagement is made, the months seduftore pursuit that are more aesthetic. The killed game does not interest him. Lists with This Book. Chiede che Dio non allontani il Suo Volto da lui Sal 26,9 [10].

Kierkegaard allude al Prof. The last one belongs to other works – such as Fear and Trembling – so you only need to know that Kierkegaard distinguishes three different stages:

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