The Forests of Silence is a collection of three forests that span both Topaz and Ruby The rest of Gorl’s vines were destroyed by the animals of the forest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. Contact Us. Book – The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda. Deltora Quest #1. Emily Rodda’s book “Deltora Quest; The Forest of Silence” is a fantasy book with magic like no other. The Kingdom of Deltora is under attack from the Shadow.

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The Lake of Tears. But it was poorly written. They retrieve the gem, use the Sllence to heal the warrior, and determine to continue on to find the next Gem. Knocked unconscious by the ambush, Lief and Barda wake up to find themselves paralysed and tied down inside the Forests of Silence. Leif is the main sjlence of this book and is noble and courageous, but he is still young.

Finally, the King realizes that his friend may have been correct, and secretly sends for his friend to return. Based on this book, “Deltora Quest” seems to be a great transition series for the move from children’s books to YA books. He said that he planned to kill Endon, Sharn and the child she carried. The Forests of Silence is a collection of three forests that span both Topaz and Ruby territories. And the whole tree accident to Jarred’s leg wasn’t believable.

Pages to import images to Silende All articles with unsourced sience Articles with unsourced statements from May When the gems are stolen and hidden in dark terrible places throughout the kingdom, the Deltroa Lord triumphs, and Deltora is lost.

Jarred begins to suspect Prandine of treachery and searched for evidence that the Rule was corrupt. Under the Shadowwhich begins the main story of the series, with Lief as the protagonist.


He was an ordinary man, a blacksmith who made swords and armor and shoes for horses. The Forests of Silence book is in need of more information! JarredJasmineEndonSharnPrandine He captures Lief and Barda.

Silennce are also some YA themes – the main protagonist muses on death and futility in at least two places – which really earmark this book as for pre-teens. Sunlight enters the Dark, and the Lilies of Life bloom at last. End Wood is the smallest of the three forests and is located entirely in Ruby territory. Return to Book Page. Deltora became a home away deltorx Deltora Quest is a series for children, but the world that is created by the skillful mind of Emily Rodda will stay with you.

StarFruit I feel ya! I adored this series as a kid, and re-reading it now, it actually still stands up. As the Lilies fade, Jasmine takes the last of the nectar into a jar, so that she might use it on future injuries. My sister and I both read these in dektora grade I graduated high school this May, for referenceand to this day they rank among our favorite series read, ever. The blacksmith sneaks back into the enchanted castle, convinces the King and Queen foresr retrieve the Belt, but, sadly, after the Belt has been stolen and sundered into its component gems.

He has been raised to reject the Shadow Lord, but never to show any obvious opposition. I also enjoyed it because there were no sappy love stories, is was pure entertainment for me. Terrified, Lief climbs as fast as he can, and can hear Jasmine and Barda following him.

The Forest of Silence (book).jpg

And the theme the author gives is that good always prevail over evil. Then the Shadow Lord invaded and began to conquer. They sleep during the day and come out during the night.

For a kid’s adventure book, this thing ticks all the boxes for me. Queen Sharn entered the chapel, and screamed when she saw Jarred, frightened by his appearance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Many years later, the Shadow Lord finally makes his move. Because the people of those days were divided into seven tribes, the Shadow Army soon overwhelmed much of the land. Aug 02, Alexis rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I would rate this book an 8 out of 10 because I enjoyed the story and hope the rest of the books in the series are just as good.

Forests of Silence is in need of more information! Silsnce Deltora books were a fixture of my childhood and a major influence on my overall sensibilities ever since. It is believed that the use of the file ” The Forest of Silence book.

Deltora Quest 1 #1: The Forests of Silence Collectors’ Edition

Silencr Read Edit View history. Endon explained that Min had come to him to warn him that she had overheard two people speaking of a danger that would occur that nightand that she had begged him to try and prevent it. Each had a gem from deep within the Earth, a talisman with special powers.

Due to an accident some years before, the smith himself is unable to pursue the quest of retrieving the gems, but he has salvaged the Belt itself. The kings and queens also let their power go to the dektora council, diminishing its power. First Wood is the largest of the three Forests of Silence, and is located entirely in Topaz territory.

In the centre of Mid Wood are the Lilies of Life, whose nectar has amazing healing properties. She goes to Lief first, orders deltorra to open his mouth and pours a few drops of a disgusting liquid on Lief’s tongue that gives Lief a painful prickling sensation in his bones.

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