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According to law, voting is a fundamental right open to all citizens 18 years or older art.

GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS HOSPITALARIOS by Carlos Andres Ramirez Pacheco on Prezi

A remarkable case in this regard is the censorship against the communication network of the Association of Indigenous Caucuses of Northern Cauca Acin. A YES score is earned if there were no documented cases of journalists being assaulted during the specific study period for their work covering corruption issues. Although the restriction is normal given the rates of impunity in the country, it may take years to access information on certain judicial processes.

Prensa Rural 18 de mayo de http: The reasons may be vague or difficult 276 obtain. The adjudication of concessions in TV is criticized due to its lack of transparency, although the process of adjudication is done through open bidding.

On October 23,members from the Rural Association of Arauca received hosoitalarios threats in an email purportedly sent by paramilitaries. According to the conclusions of a workshop organized by Transparency for Colombia in March about access to information, it is necessary to regulate the costs of accessing information because in some cases the cost is too high, for example the Administrative Ddecreto of Statistics DANE even asks for money to other public institutions when they want to access statistical information.

A NO score is earned if there are rrsiduos legal or regulatory restrictions or prohibitions barring any types of political parties from being formed. The formal residuo for calling a new election may be flawed or abused.

These reports together with the report that the Central Intelligence Agency DAS has been illegally wiretapping journalists may constitute a limitation for the free constitution and operation of media. These processes go against neutral rexiduos during elections, as well as the fact that most coverage refers to urban centers and little of it refers to rural areas where many irregularities may take place.


In order to do so, the law imposed requirements that may limit the ability of minor parties to remain in the electoral competition. The government uses state-owned media to routinely discriminate against opposition candidates and parties. Second, although the proliferation and number of NGOs and CSOs working on good governance for example there is an estimate of oversight experiences currently in place is a positive sign about the strength of civil society, yet it creates problems as many of these organizations lack resources to operate in a sustained manner.

The government ensures that equal access and fair treatment of election contestants is provided by all state-owned media outlets, including all electronic and print media.

Elections are always held according to a regular hospitalarips, or there is a formal democratic process for calling a new election, with deadlines for mandatory elections. On September 28, indigenous leader Raul Mendoza was killed in Cauca. Although during the study period there were no reports of members of the CNE under administtrative or penal investigation, various independent electoral observers such as the MOE and Transparency for Colombia consider that the fact that members of the CNE are elected by Congress has hospitalaros their independence to initiate substantial investigations for irregularities in party and campaign funding in the most recent elections, and even going back to the elections.

During the study period there were no regular elections thus the score on this indicator remains that attributed to the elections held in The mass media, on balance, have clear preferences in election outcomes and coverage is driven to achieve these goals.

XVI informe al Congreso Finally a norm approved in the reform allows politicians to change parties freely thus decrteo to the weakening of party structures that were supposed to derceto strengthened with the reform.

GIR Scorecard Colombia |

The costs of running a campaign are reasonable and do not deter candidates from entering a race. On the one hand, in commercial radio and TV the panorama is characterized by monopolies and by high costs of operation that discourage competition and increase the monopoly of media power, whereas on the other hand the existence of community radio and TV has opened opportunities for small operators and this has democratized communications, even though in many cases independent and community media face obstacles to survive.

The law of to prevent pornography, exploitation, sexual tourism of children forbids users of global networks from publishing images, texts, documents, or vVideos related to sexual activities with children.


The police captured the shooter who is a member of the criminal band Los Rastrojos. Individuals appointed usually do not have clear political party affiliations. In law, citizens have a right of access to government information and basic government records.

There is no specific legislation about the sources of funding for CSOs and thus they are free to receive funding from any source.

It also guarantees protection to the liberty and independence of journalists article Formation of print media groups is possible, though there is some burden on the media group including overly complicated registration or licensing requirements.

According to the Law of known as the anticorruption law, it is stated that investigations conducted by journalists on public authorities are a manifestation of the social role of media and of freedom of expression and information. Ballots are secret, or there is a functional equivalent protection, in all cases. According to the National Union School ENSother forms of violence and intimidation such as death threats, arbitrary detentions and disappearances also increased duringmost of them attributed to reconfigured self defense paramilitary groups.

Programas de Gestión del Riesgo

According to the Transparency Index published by Transparency for Colombia in Julyalthough improvements continue, the information published online by national institutions lacks discussion for and mechanisms to allow feedback when citizens make requests through the web.

Aumentan acciones judiciales contra periodistas en Colombia Fuente: In law, there is an established institutional mechanism through which citizens can request government records.

In many cases when sensitive information is sought, responses are too vague, especially because the limits for public officials to declare reserve on documents are not clearly regulated. For example in September the Supreme Court of Justice requested the army and other public entities to be clear when they deny information requests, after the Army denied the Semana Magazine information about the death of 10 presumed members of illegal groups.

The peace process with the paramilitaries which started in December has meant the demobilization of more than 31, paramilitaries.

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