Chapter 4. Required files under the debian directory. Table of Contents. Chapter 6. Building the package. Table of Contents. Complete (re)build. dh_installdeb(1) automatically flags any files under the /etc directory as conffiles, with the exception of d which follows the format of crontab(5).

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It ensures the installation of. Otherwise, you must include the complete license. Table of Contents 4. Although it is not required, updating the configure and other files with autoreconf -i -f may improve the compatibility of the source.

New Debian revision 8.

Chapter 6. Building the package

Other files under the debian directory. With the update-menus command from this package, no package needs to be modified for every X window manager again, and it provides a unified interface for both text- and X-oriented programs. Please note that you do not need to create mainnt-guide new package to become an official Debian Developer.

So we have admin for administrator-only programs, devel for programmer tools, doc for documentation, libs for libraries, mail for email readers and daemons, net for network apps and daemons, x11 for X11 programs that don’t fit anywhere else, and many more. This compressed tarball contains kaint-guide debian directory contents.

This ensures that dpkg interprets later versions correctly as upgrades. Choose your program 2. When the upgrade is necessarily intrusive eg. For you, the most important thing is that it describes requirements that each package must maint-uide to be included in the distribution. For the main section, Debian Policy requires it to be fully compliant with the Debian Free Software Guidelines DFSG and not to require a package outside of dbeian for compilation or execution.


You should seek specific guidance for every complex feature. This format is usually used for a large package that splits the output of its build into multiple binary packages using package The software must have a license. Instead debixn implementing the required logic themselves they can rely on dbconfig-common to ask the debkan questions during install, upgrade, reconfigure and deinstall for them and create and fill the database.

One thing is certain, though: Here are some observations of Debian’s social dynamics, presented in the hope that it will prepare you for interactions with Debian:. Complete re build 6. EX suffix if they have one. Line 5 includes the list of packages required to build your package as the Build-Depends field. Line 9 is the Homepage URL.

Package: maint-guide-de (1.2.39)

You can also have the Build-Depends-Indep field as an additional line here. You should be able to learn many things by yourself. It will work for most packages but for more complicated ones, don’t be afraid to customize it to fit your needs.

This file may contain abort-on-upstream-changestoo see dpkg-source 1. Avoid using commas, ampersands, or parentheses. Line 6 is the version of the Debian Policy Manual standards this package follows, the one you read while making your package.


If they don’t, you should create them. Installation of files to their destination 3.

Package: maint-guide (1.2.42)

Use this for packages that are not strictly necessary but are typically used with your program. Social dynamics of Debian 1. Make no mistake, for our system to work the maintainers need to be both technically competent and diligent. Any extra details or discrepancies between the original denian and your Debian version should be documented here.

The resolution is generally to use higher-level package management tools to upgrade the listed packages. The following is the very important documentation which you should read along with this document:. You can change many things in the Makefile ; for instance you can change the default location for file installation using the option.

Then just take the -dev version of every package as a Build-Depends entry. Then, such programs are debiaan using the usual make; make install. Reminders for updating packages 9. Never create real packages to be uploaded using this quick method.

Required files under the debian directory. This helps you to understand exactly what is going on behind this simple rules file and to debug its problems.

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