Description. This course is an introduction to ERP supported by SAP ERP with the IDES database. The method is developed for business schools and. De praktijk van mySAP en IDES. 1. Errata Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES version. General comment: the menus within accounting have been adjusted . SAP ERP modules are notoriously hard to configure and use effectively without a lot of practice and experience. But as SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES.

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Figure 14 shows the WorkflowMonitor in action. To realize the flexibility of this mechanism, one should think of the result obtained by encapsulating the instrumentation logic itself in an adaptation action the snake swallowing its own tail. You choose the applications that have the most potential to benefit your company’s operations and bottom line. There are countless roads already in use. Figure 2 outlines the basic architecture of WF.

Flexibility at the cost of increased risk 6 A few practical uses of instrumentation In this paragraph, we present a few practical usage scenarios for workflow instrumentation. WriteLine “Instrumentation in action! This will be used in the decision logic of step two see next section to identify the suspension location.

The code is fairly easy to understand and performs some activity tree traversal see method FindActivity and a bit of reflection stuff in order to get the values from fields and properties. Finally, the instrumentation itself has to be performed, which is outlined in code fragment Code Without the support from Bart, Filip, Kristof and Sofie this wouldn t have been possible.

However, SAP implementations require massive effort, total buy-in, and significant change throughout the organization. The first activity will start the timer; ptaktijk second one will stop the timer and report the result.

The WF runtime takes care of suspending the workflow prior to making the dynamic update and resuming it right after the change was applied. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje.

Monitoring workflow instances in progress could be the starting point for dynamic adaptations as covered earlier: The registration of the logger implementation and the instrumentation logic are shown in Code One contains the designer generated code Code 2the other contains additional code added by the developer, for example the code executed by a Lraktijk activity Code 1. In case of praktimk shopping example, one crosses a market place with a set of products in mind to find the best buy available, performing decision making based on price, quality and marketing influences.


This would allow for cumulative timings where ids timer is started and stopped on various places, while the result is only reported once when the activity is told to do so by means of the action parameter. However, the use of long-running processing results in new challenges that have to be tackled, one of which is dynamic adaptation of workflows. Instrumentation helps to inject these aspects dynamically see Figure 1.

Summary De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES – Study Smart

idex This way, one could instrument with suspension points but also with, for instance, logging activities. This behavior becomes more visible on machines hosting multiple workflow definitions that can be instanced at any point in time. In such a case, it s desirable to wrap those individual activities in one single SequenceActivity, so that only one single insertion is required to get the desired effect.

Notice that this sample also illustrates how to instrument a composite activity, in this case the left branch of the IfElseActivity.

Using Idfs Communication Services, these values can be sent to the host where additional logic calculates whether or not access is allowed. Measurement of service times can be accomplished by adding a measurement scope to the workflow instance, i. Also, starting with one approach doesn t rule out another: Products like Microsoft BizTalk Server have been successful and introduced workflow to enterprises as an approach to deal with inter-organization process integration biz talk.

In the computing space, programmers have been dealing with workflow for ages as well. This data representation format makes inspection at runtime, e.

Dynamic and generic workflows

First, it retrieves the query manager to grab the query object from, based on the query s name. If not, a dynamic update is applied in order to put an authorization barrier in place. There are a few metrics that can be used to get an idea of the system s workload: However, to drp the boundaries of application domains, techniques like.

Also, in order to make composition of business processes easier to do ultimately by the end-users themselves a set of domain-specific building blocks is much desirable. Slight changes that don t require access to internal state can rely on external modification. Furthermore, aggregating the information that s calculated for the patients e. One typical type of application that greatly benefits from a workflow-based approach is the category of long-running business processes.


This form of recursion-based instrumentation is most useful when lots of instrumentations will be required and if the underlying querying interface doesn t cause a bottleneck.

| SAP NetWeaver For Dummies, Dan Woods | | Boeken

From this observation, quite some questions arise, most of which are related to the overall agent s architecture.

What students say about Stuvia. Figure 21 – Colored status indicators 3. Tracking Services [3] allow inspection of a workflow in flight by relying on events that are raised by workflow instances. Once such a set of workflow instances is retrieved, changes can be applied using WorkflowChanges. Nevertheless, situations can exist where it s desirable to have the entire authorization mechanism being built around dynamic instrumentations. It allows data to be captured from the workflow instance in which the logger is injected by means of dependency properties.

Ultimately, one could implement the vwn s filtering logic entirely on the database layer using stored procedures, triggers for online automatic calculation of doses when patient data is changing, etc. In the former case, lots of queries are launched against the ban, each returning a bit of information that s puzzled together in the sa; s logic. Closed; Code 14 – A static message logging activity.

A slightly simplified object definition is shown in Code Another level of abstraction could be introduced to make these types abstract, with automatic translation of type names into database-specific data types. Although this approach might work out pretty well, depending on various Database Management System DBMS – related quality attributes and database load conditions, we re trapped again by some kind of procedural coding this time in the database tier that hides the original logic.

Code fragment Code 14 illustrates a logging activity that pushes data to the registered logger service through its interface contract. Liefhebbers van Andrew Okungbowa bekeken ook. In workflow-based environments we don t want to spoil the visual representation of a workflow with such aspects.

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