De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres, or Of Occult Philosophy in Three Books, is Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s study of occult philosophy. De Occulta Philosophia [Heinrich Co Agrippa von Nettesheim] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Agrippa’s penetrating study of ‘Occult Philosophy’ is widely acknowledged as a significant contribution to the Renaissance philosophical discussion concerning.

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To procure love, they use venereal collyries, as hyppomanes, the blood of doves, or sparrows, and such like.

These arguments were common amongst other hermetic philosophers at the time and before. Of this doth Juvenal the satirist make mention: Be the first one to write a review. Of a three-fold consideration of the elements Chapter 5: Also that they that are anointed with the ashes of the ankle bone of her left foot, being occults with the blood of a weasel, shall become odious occjlta all. Of the Mixtions of Natural Things, one with another, and their Benefits.

This work is a translation and has a separate copyright status to the applicable copyright protections of the original content.

What concerning man after death, diverse Opinions Chapter Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa is the most influential writer of Renaissance philoeophia, and indeed all of Western occultism. Wikisource has original text related to this article: After this is the Procuratory order, of the which mention is made in Job, where we read, if the angel shall speak for him, he will entreat the Lord, and the Lord will be pleased with him; and of philosolhia same order is expounded also that which is written in the sixteenth chapter of Ecclesiasticus, about the end, the works of the Lord have been made by his appointment from the beginning, and he hath distributed their portions from the time they have been made, he hath adorned their works forever, they have not hungered, nor been wearied, and have not desisted from their works, none of them shall oppress his neighbour even forever.

De Occulta Philosophia LOC 1533

What dignification is required, that one may be a true Magician and a worker of miracles Chapter 4: Three Books of Occult Philsoophia De Occulta Philosophia libri III is Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa ‘s study of occult philosophy, acknowledged as a significant contribution to the Renaissance philosophical discussion concerning wgrippa powers of ritual magicand its relationship with religion.


And that the spleen, and heart is an effectual remedy against the poisons of the said toad.

Of the Images of Mars Chapter Agrippa had a huge influence on Renaissance esoteric philosophers, particularly Giordano Bruno. Of Madness, and Divinations which are made when men are awake, and of the power of a Melancholy Humor, by which Spirits are sometimes induced into Men’s Bodies.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy

I beseech you, if it may be, let them be excused by you. All these things doth natural philosophy, the viewer of nature contain, teaching us according to Virgil’s muse: Mercury is called the son of Jupiter, the crier of the gods, the interpreter of gods, Stilbon, the serpent-bearer, the rod-bearer, winged on his feet, eloquent, bringer of gain, wise, rational, robust, stout, powerful in good and evil, the notary of the Sun, the messenger of Jupiter, the messenger betwixt the supernal and infernal gods, male with males, female with females, most fruitful in both sexes; and Lucan calls him the arbitrator of the gods.

Farewell most happy Prince of happy Colonia. If this my translation shall neither answer the worth of the Author, or expectation of the reader; consider that the uncuothness of the Authors stile [style] in many places, the manifold Errata’s, as well literall, as those in respect of Grammatical construction, may happily occasion some mistakes in this my translation. Of Perfumes or Suffumigations; their Manner and Power.

On the contrary, the little bone which is on the right side, makes hot water cold, and that it can never be hot again, unless that be taken out, also it is said to cure quartans if it be bound to the sick in a snake’s skin, as also all other fevers, occulra restrain love, and lust. Of the Sun, and Moon, and their Magicall considerations Chapter And that a membrane of the secondines of a dog doth the same; and that dogs will shun him that hath a dog’s heart. Whence the Occult vertues of Things Proceed.

Of the Mortall and Terrestrial Gods Chapter He is also called Hermes, occulta. But those things which are for the profit of man, for the turning away of evil events, for the destroying of sorceries, for the curing of diseases, for the exterminating of phantasmes, for the preserving of life, honor, or fortune, may be done without offense to God, or injury to Religion, because they are, as profitable, so necessary.


Of the wonderful Power of Enchantments. Agrippa started with a “systematic exposition of Hence agrkppa wicked Gorgons, the Furies. It was, as we find, brought to light by most sage authors, and most famous writers; amongst which principally Phulosophia and Zoroaster were so famous, that occulha believed they were the inventors of this science.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy – Wikisource, the free online library

Of the wonderfull natures of fire, and earth Chapter 6: How by these guides the soul of man ascendeth up into the Divine nature, and is made a worker of Miracles Chapter 7: That the knowledge of the true God is necessary for a Magician, and what the old Magicians and Philosophers have thought concerning God Chapter 8: How by naturall things, and their vertues we may draw forth, and attract the influencies, and vertues of celestiall bodies Chapter Of the union of mixt things, and the introduction of a more noble form, and the senses of life Chapter Yet this ayrippa rule I advise you to observe, that you communicate vulgar secrets to vulgar friends, but higher and secret to higher, and secret friends only.

The text of this work has been migrated to index: Of a Three-fold Consideration of the Elements. Know occults, that they are a greater poison if they happen in the decrease of the Moon, and yet much greater, if they happen betwixt the decrease, and change of the Moon: How the Operations of several vertues Pass from one thing into another, and are Communicated one to the other.

The latter was in turn plagiarized and published as his own work by L.

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